Mel Gibson arrested for terrorism.

First, he was arrested for DUI and the sherrif’s department has been accused of sanitizing the report from Gibson’s imflammatory remarks against jew’s and sexist remarks against a female officer.

But, He is sorry and

Yadda yadda yadda. Sorry, Mel, but you are only sorry you got caught. You are not sorry about your hateful words. They say that alcohol is a device that unlocks the inihibitions. To rage and rant about something like this, to complete strangers, tells anyone out there that there is a cancer inside your very soul. I feel sorry for your children who are probably poisoned by your evilness, which you have inherited from your father, Hutton Gibson.
Well, through the wonders of Fark and the internet, the BBC has alleged that Gibson has been under a watchful eye of the FBI (los Angeles office) for funnelling money via Australia to Muslim Extremist Groups.

BBC article in full.

If these allegations are true, Gibson’s career is officially over.
It is going to be a very interesting couple of weeks with this case.

PS: Mel, you are a douchebag. And so’s your old man.

I’ll bet that the “” page isn’t a real BBC webpage.

Yanno, I didn’t even see the Los Angeles portion. I bet they have a LA office. Why wouldn’t they have an LA branch?

Any one else who knows about these kinda things?

This site is quite obviously a fake. It’s not even written like a news report. Holy shit, you BELIEVED this?

Good catch.

Under the heading “Have your say” there’s a “fake news articles?” link that goes to a storefront. Lower right-hand corner.

I thought it was real for a sec, myself.

God, I feel like a retard.
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Pardon me while I do some some kind of compulsory punishment for being so stupid.

I think the oh-so-very-public nature of this is punishment enough, dontcha think? :wink:

The real BBC story, for those that are interested.

When I go to it redirects to, which for a second fooled me into thinking it was genuinely affiliated with BBC (but likely hacked). Then I realized anybody can buy any domain and have its root address redirect anywhere.

It’s not the best web hoax ever, but it’s pretty decent. No shame in being fooled, IMHO.

Don’t feel bad.

[on preview]

I see **Revtim ** reporting exactly what I was going to say, so yes, no shame on being fooled.

As of 9:54pm ET, the URL no longer responds.

I can still get it.

Me too.

The root domain is redirecting to the real BBC, but for a split second before the redirect, the title is Bullshit Broadcoasting Confederation.

Heh, nice catch, I missed that.

That URL doesn’t even pretend to be real. I’m amazed some peoples’ BS detectors are set so badly.

On the other hand, the graphic design was dead-on to my eyes.


Oh dear. Yes that is very embarassing. Ouch.

I dunno about that. This line from the quote in the OP:

triggered my bullshit detector straight away. Anyone who reads the BBC with any regularity at all would have noticed it.

Even if Gibson had been engaging in suspicious activities, there’s no way that the BBC would have labelled them “illegal terrorist activities” in the absence of an actual conviction or guilty plea. A term like “alleged terrorist activities” or “suspected terrorist activities” might have been used, and even that would have been accompanied by more qualifications and fewer bald assertions than the quoted passage.

As soon as i saw that quote, i hovered over the link and confirmed my suspicions that it wasn’t the actual BBC at all.

That’s so easy to do, though, and has been done a bunch of times before.

Check this out.