Mel Gibson

Early reports are that when Gibson was stopped for suspected drunk driving he cut loose with a bunch of profane anti-semitism. Makes you wonder if there was something to the criticism of his portrayal of the Jews in The Passion of The Christ.

He’s now apologized for “dispicable” remarks as well as his DUI, which seems to me means that those reports have some truth to them.

What was objectionable about his portrayal of Jews in TPOTC?

A link to the supposed police report and a story from TMZ whatever that is.

Interview with ADL
Above is a link to an interview with the anti-defamation league (ADL) that discusses the concerns that many Jewish, Catholic and Protestant leaders have with the biblical accuracy and anti-semetic slant of the movie.

Good thing that the ancient Romans do not have any connections to the ADL, eh? I don’t think they were portrayed as caring folk either. :rolleyes:

:confused: Well, that was kind of snide…
I think the ancient Romans have a lot less to worry about regarding how they are potrayed than a few million modern day Jews.

Well, got something other from the ADL? Criminy.

First appropiate Google, from Jewish-Christian Relations

Good gracious :dubious: .
The original question I was answering was (to paraphrase) “what was the anti-semitism” in TPOTC?" Who better to explain that point of view than the group asserting the anti-semitism? The ADL interview clearly defines the point of view that there was anti-semitism in the movie.

That was the focus of the question and that was a perfectly fine answer.


Actually, Gibson didn’t apologize at all. His PR spokesman read a statement.

Alcohol is a mind altering drug and one of the ways the mind is altered is to reduce inhibitions. I once had a guy that worked for me who I thought was a “mean drunk.” He seemed fine normally but after a few drinks he got ugly. After I retired I worked part time for him for a year or so and discovered that it wasn’t the alcohol that made him mean. He was just an asshole when in a position of authority and the alcohol brought it out when he wasn’t.

I have difficulty believing that anyone can come out with Jew hating language drunk if they don’t privately think that way sober.

For a long time (until 1972, I think), it was the RCC’s official policy that the Jews were collectively guilty for killing Christ. Which justified a lot of persecution and pogroms. I think their sensitivity on that point is understandable.

Isn’t pogrom Russian? That wouldn’t be RCC.

According to my Merriam-Webster Collegiate it’s Yiddish taken from the Russian meaning “devastation.” It’s now an English word.

When inebriated (OK, totally drunk) some of us are happy and others are mean. In the latter case, alcohol brings out the worst in people.

The worst is clearly somewhere inside them already.

Ok. Then it’s the orthodox church that felt the same way. That makes it much better. I’d say that makes it all the more reasonable that Jews are a bit touchy on the subject.

Oh for God’s sake, we’re still rehashing POTC?
Mel just needs to take the core of that movie’s message much more seriously in his life.

As for the anti-semitic crap he did spew, alas, there probably is a lot residing in his subconscious due to his dad’s influence. When in completely sound mind, he knows better but when impaired, that junk springs to the top.

A comparison- to me, the worst profanity is something on the order of “J**** F****** C*****”, and I’ve never said it, BUT when I’m really mad, guess what profanity springs to mind.

The ADL’s opinions on just about anything C’tian or conservative do not hold much water for me.

I have to agree with this. I had heard the accusations when POTC came out, but I never saw the movie. This comes across as something more entrenched.

I will now begin a personal boycott of Mel Gibson. Too bad, because I wanted to see Apocolypto, but I can’t see myself giving Gibson any tacit approval for his words and actions.

The work is Yiddish, as noted, but wherever it comes from, many events fitting the name happened in Latin Christendom over the centuries.

Sorry, I meant the word is Yiddish . . .