Melania October 3 speech

Well that went better than the convention speech.

Surprised that she hasn’t given a few more.


We will probably see at least one more in the next few days. I think many women will be looking for her dress, silly, maybe, but she will help the vote with mothers.

Well then, thanks for the new thread. But I’m not sure what we’re supposed to talk about. Can you at least provide a link to the speech? Some commentary? What was the content? What made it good?

Sorry about that and point well taken. One of the topics Melania touched upon was cyber bullying. For many parents it probably hit the right button. When a child suffers so to do parents. Many women could put aside Donald’s 3:00 am tweets, and side with Malania, sounds twisted but true.

As to what made it good? Not sure I would say that, could be that it was just better than I expected or maybe it was that she appears to read from a TelePrompTer better than her husband.

I didn’t provide a link I could if you like?

Any indication yet whose speech it was?

Not yet

Oct 3 ?

Could you, perhaps mean Nov 3 ?

You understand that it’s currently November, right?

Well that mistake is mine and I own it but can’t change it. I’m at the mercy of the mods.

Apparently she cribbed some lines from Marla Maples, of all people.

Did she say anything that had anything to do with the upcoming election, or was it mostly “Bad stuff is bad!” generic stuff like what you mentioned?

Here is her speech
It starts at 1:00:44

If she can just take Donald’s phone away, cyber bullying in this country will drop by 20%

SA as a side note I walked into the kitchen and my son was watching bob’s burgers, it just seemed wrong to hear Archers voice on Bob Belcher.:slight_smile:

If people imagine H Jon Benjamin’s voice while reading my posts, that would bring me much joy :slight_smile: