Melissa Joan Hart, or, how to end your career

As you may have read, MJH is posing in such mags as MAXIM & BIKINI wearing very little. Not the squeaky clean image that comes to mind when you think of Sabrina or Clarissa. In fact, Archie Comics is threatening to cancel the show or fire Melissa if she doesn’t calm down. Of course, she has every right to do whatever she pleases and she may pull a Charles Barkley and say that she’s no role model, but whether or not she likes it, she is. When she was Clarissa, thousands of teen and pre-teen girls looked up to her and then followed her to Sabrina. I figure she’s gonna lose the show and end up like other “nice” girls like Alyssa Milano and do a lot of gratuitous sex flicks and wondering what the hell happened.

The sad will be that she’ll probably blame the media for her eventual downfall. Well, if you don’t do it, the media won’t report it. (well, the legit media, anyway).

BTW, I saw the MAXIM spread. Provocative? yes. Outrageous? not really. You don’t see anything you wouldn’t see on TV.


Not to mention that she ain’t all that.

I really don’t think she’ll lose any fans, the fans of hers aren’t going to be reading Bikini or Maxim, and won’t be watching the gossip shows. The biggest worry is the knee-jerk executives doing something stupid because of a article in one of the papers.

Shes just beginning to get into that girl slut phase (or whatever you want to call it), and the fans who have grown up with her likely are too. It goes with the territory, only a hollywood exec could think she’d stay innocent and 13 forever.

She should take a lesson from Olivia Newton-John and her attempt to be queen of kink. Better known as “Gee look at me I just ended a decade long career” (AKA the Soul Kiss Lp)

You also don’t see anything that you don’t see in Archie Comics. I grew up on Archie comics, and when I heard about this MJH thing, I started thinking about the ‘wholesome image’ that she was violating.

Hart is wearing more in that photo spread than the girls wear to the beach. The girls are treated as objects, and they’re all gorgeous with large breasts. Veronica and Reggie are greedy, selfish, and manipulative. Betty and Archie are always getting walked on. Veronica is always dating as many guys as she can. Moose beats everyone up who looks at his ‘gurl’ while his girl is flirting with all the guys and getting them to look at her.

Getting forgiveness is better than asking permission? This is ‘wholesome’? This is a good message?

Big Ethel, the only unattractive one, is always getting walked on and rejected.

Sweet little Dilton, the only kid with an IQ above that of a turnip, is portrayed as an anti-social loner.

Jerry Falwell would probably be interested in hearing about Jughead. He’s a glutton (that’s a Deadly Sin, right?). He also hates girls, but sometimes befriends one when he finds out that her father owns the new pizza place in town. He’s a user! Hmmmm…and wears a crown…King of Riverdale? Nay, Queen of Riverdale! Jughead must be a homosexual!

Then there’s the Pussycats. Let’s not even go there.

Now, Sabrina isn’t really manipulative, or greedy, or selfish. She’s just a teenage witch trying to be a normal teenage girl. But she’s a witch! She casts magic spells! [Church Lady]She’s in cahoots with Satan![/Church Lady]

But hey, it’s how I learned how to read.

Nice try on creating an urban legend, Trump. Problem you missed though is that the show’s not sponsored by “Archie Comics.” The last issue of TV Guide had an article on Melissa Joan Hart in which her career was described as far from ruined. TV Guide did, however, mention that the copyright owner of “Sabrina” wouldn’t give permission for their copyright to be used as the name of the show.

Just saw the “MAXIM” spread, together with my 14 year old son.

We both drooled…

How old is she? Dang!

For all you young Men:

These are not the Maxim photos. She does seem the Princess Leia type.

Rich Hall: My son wishes to thank you profusely. :slight_smile:

Me too.

I’ve seen her in a lot of places, tv shows and her breasts are never the same size from one show to the next.

Here’s the only thing I have to say:

What did she do to her hair? It looks like a perm gone bad. Meow!

Isn’t Alyssa Milano now starring in Charmed? I wouldn’t think that is a ruined career, though the show isn’t exactly the best…

Zulu: Ever seen Chasing Amy? There’s a five-minute discussion of hgomosexuality in Archie comics, notably the line, “Jughead’s the butch and Archie’s the bitch.” Very funny, I suggest you go rent it.

MJH is I think 21.

Rich Hall:
Thanks a lot for the links; some of us owe you one.
I saw the Maxim spread the other day. I don’t know what the photos will do to Melissa Hart’s career, but she can ride my broomstick any time she wants.

Keystream, I have seen Chasing Amy (actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it), but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Here’s the Mr Showbiz article about the whole deal:

I love that line about how he has been “personally embarrassed by Melissa’s…posing practically nude…” Hasn’t he ever seen any beach scenes in the Archie comics?

Oh yeah, and she’s 23.

She may or may not have every right to do as she pleases. It depends on the contract she signed. Some contracts are fairly prohibitive in what the actor/actress can and cannot do “on the side”. I don’t know about MJH’s contract with Sabrina specifically, but it’s pretty apparent that she made a tactical error if she wishes to keep her current job…

I saw the pictures but I didn’t see anything more than you can already see of her on tv.

      • Also remember, that she will soon be too old to play that character, or that it will eventually fall in popularity. Either she can try to shake the squeaky-clean image somewhat, or she can end up being “the waitress who used to be famous”. - MC

Actually, while she might survive the Maxim spread with her dignity and career intact, I think her friendship with Britney Spears is the kiss of death.

She can “act adult” and do fine, but she’s also pandering to the teens with the new movie and video thing, which is all-Britney, all-the-time. You can’t go both ways, kids.