Memo To Al Gore Et Al. Re Scheduling Your Global Warming Conferences/Rallies

Please (and I mean this for your own good) don’t do it anytime outside of June-August, and don’t do it anywhere North of let’s say Oklahoma.

Otherwise you’re just asking for it from Matt Drudge et al.


And I meant this with some sympathy toward them, because having a blizzard during a GW conference in November in Buffalo does not refute GW.

But then I just reflected on the assertions that, say, Hurricane Katrina proved the GW thesis, and I decided, nah, if they can’t be bright enough to schedule these things during some blazing heat wave, then gotcha may be what they deserve.

Second memo to Al Gore: Why can’t the guy who invented the Internet figure out teleconferencing instead of jetting all over the world and releasing so much CO[sub]2[/sub]?

Yes, I know he didn’t say that exactly.