Memogate: are CBS completely stupid

Turns out their expert witness wasn’t given the original. How completely bloody clueless can you get?

How long can it be before Rather resigns or is fired?

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

Personally I don’t think either will happen.

IS CBS stupid. Also, you need a question mark, as you’re posing a question. I don’t usually point out grammar mistakes, but this was a bit too ironic to resist. Subject/verb agreement and punctuation are your friends, qts.

You might have been whooshed. Sometimes, people use bad grammar as a rhetorical device to amplify the topic of their assertion, particularly when the subject of the topic is pretentious. For example, when people say to me something like, “I’m here, aren’t I?”, I respond instantly, “Yes, and I are too!”

Sorry, while I’ll cop to the lack of the question mark, the use of ‘are’ rather than ‘is’ when referring to groups is perfectly valid in the UK.

Yes, but we’re speaking English here. Foreign languages are prohibited. You can take your British elsewhere, please.

I’m here, ain’t me?

At first it seemed to good to be true. But, it is looking more and more like CBS will get a major embarassment out of this fiasco. It’s a shame that so many people don’t have cable. It’s the only reason why the networks continue to get high ratings IMO. People when given a choice would pick the relatively unbiased and fact based cable news channels.

Stonewalling on the Alar thing didn’t seem to hurt them.

I think most already realize that the geriatric lefties at “60 Minutes” aren’t going to lose market share for going off half-cocked on a nice juicy Republican scandal. They thought they had the equivalent of the Bush DUI thing in 2000, it’s only a few weeks to the election, and they didn’t want to waste time authenticating documents they desperately wanted to be genuine. So now they will keep repeating “CBS stands by its story” until the debates, and step up the search for something else to use against Bush.

If they didn’t fire Rather for the stream-of-consciousness raving on Election Night 2000, they won’t fire him for this either. Maybe a low-level staffer or two, if they can keep it from being seen as an admission of guilt. But no more.

“60 Minutes” would like Bush to be defeated. This is news?


Does anyone seriously doubt that Bush failed to take his flight physical? Would it be so astounding that he was so ordered to do? Would it be a great shock that someone wrote a memo about a pilot who would not take his physical? The Pubbies are so much in denial that they want to focus on the fonts. The content of the memo is beyond dispute (other than some trivialities of dates not lining up precisely), as there has been no documentation that Bush made any effort to maintain his flight status. And it just so happened to occur when new drug testing was added to the physical. So Lt. Strawnose knew that he’d get busted for cocaine use and skips out of his physical, knowing that between the cracks of the bureaucracy and his own political pull he could get away with it. That this caused resentment in the chain of command isn’t terribly surprising.

Now that these memos are brought to light by CBS, the right is back into whining about the evil evil liberal media. Yep, that leftist media, home of Hannity, Scarborough, O’Reilly, and Limbaugh.

Mentioning the forgery theory has already served its purpose. Now that the possibility that the memo is not authentic has been raised, true believers can assume it’s a lie and ignore the implications of the contents. Further evidence of whether or not the memo was actually forged is not required.

I’m here, amn’t I?

I hate when the news media runs with a story without taking the time to properly authenticate the source material. Unfortunately, the credibility of all media stories is suspect by varying degrees. A moderate dose of skepticism is needed on the receiving end, and the one hand it’s a shame that we can’t really trust our journalists, but on the other hand it keeps the mind active.

Does anyone serious care what Bush did or didn’t do in the NG? Bush would love for this campaign to focus on those years instead of the present day issues. It works best for him that way.

On the other hand, you seem to be defending the use of forged documents as long as they fit your preconceived notion of what the events were. That’s pretty sad, actually. I hope you’ll come to the Swifty’s defense if they produce some “documents” from long dead Navy officials saying that Kerry was never in Cambodia.

CBS stands by the documents and believes them to be authentic. This is an organization with a reputation for excellent journalism. Not only do they believe them authentic, but they correspond to information they have from other sources. I haven’t seen anyone said that Bush showed up for his physical because we all know he didn’t and we all know why

CBS stands by the documents and believes them to be authentic. This is an organization with a reputation for excellent journalism. In other words, this ain’t FOX. Not only do they believe them authentic, but they correspond to information they have from other sources. I haven’t seen anyone said that Bush showed up for his physical because we all know he didn’t and we all know why.

It’s Bush that organized the Swift Boat Liars. It’s Bush that claims to be “one of the boys” when surrounded by men actually in the military. It’s Bush that held the Abraham Lincoln offshore an extra day so he could play dressup and stage his “mission accomplished” landing. Bush was all too willing to point to his National Guard service. Only he was pointing to an honorable discharge he did not earn. He deserves all the grief he gets.

Does anyone seriously deny the facts in the memos? Or if you can deflect the issues by a charge of forgery just long enough till after the election the only goal?

Yes. If you re-define “organized” to mean “Someone from the same state gave money to.”

It’s interesting that using your definition, I was responsible for “organizing” the NRA this year.

Cite? (I actually have no idea what you refer to here.)

Delaying a carrier for a while is well worth it for the commander in chief to say thank you to the troops for a job well done. Most men and women in the military are fans of the president, and appreciated the gesture.

Bush rarely mentions his service. He certainly doesn’t pepper every speach with it the way Kerry does with Vietnam.

Bwahahahaha! :smiley: Yeah, especially Dan Rather. Aside from the rather spooky story about Kenneth and the frequency, one of my favorite lines was from his '96 election coverage: “They say California’s the big burrito; Texas is a big taco right now. We want to follow that through. Florida is a big tamale.” Great journalism indeed! :smiley:

No other news source is going along with CBS on this. CBS’s own experts consistently refute what CBS claims they said. The prepoderance of evidence is that the docs are forgeries, CBS’s reputation notwithstanding.

Cite? O’Neill has been a longtime foe of Kerry’s, going back to the early seventies. He surely didn’t need Bush to “organize” him. Your statement is, in fact, a lie. You see, just because an organization might be shady or press false claims (as I think the Swifties at least partially do), does not give you a pass to make false claims about them.

Ahhh, but NBC had an excellent reputation for journalism at one time, too.

As I see it, you have three choices.
[ol][li]Produce some credible evidence that Bush failed to take his physical because he was abusing cocaine, [*]Withdraw the smear, or[/li][li]Simply admit that you are no better than the worst of the Swift Boat veterans.[/ol]Which is it? [/li]