Memoirs: Such As They Are

I have begun incorporating them into my blog, perhaps to be extracted at some later time and re-formatted.

I am so afraid I might be forgetting something important, I wonder if some of y’all might take a look and ask questions here for me to address there?

The blog has 26 (!) followers, but although they do read, they don’t always ask me stuff…

Y’all have said you think a lot of me, and I wanted you to get to know me while I am still able to share that with you.

The Memoirs portion of the blog are entitled “Who Are You?” (and are broken down into chapters), so you don’t have to go through the whole thing.

I am having a lot of emotional difficulty thinking back on those days, but I feel if I don’t write those memories down, my son and grandkids (and friends) won’t ever know me as they should.

Maybe it’s okay as it is? If so, okay. :slight_smile: