Memories of harbingers of the future in Israel

In 1968, my wife and I tooka newlywed trip to France, Greece and Israel.

Israel had just won the '67 war, but harbingers of a negative future were there.

We went to the Negev and Eilat, but could not enter the occupied
territory in the Sinai.

The day after our busride from Eilat to Beersheba, we read that the same bus was bombed the next day by guerillas who had slipped across the border.

In Jerusalem, I our Arab cab drive said, "Before Israel cotrolled Jerulalem, it was Jordan. Before them, the British. Before them the Turks. Who knows who will be next?

An old Jewish man indicated that he was not blending in well with the locals. I asked him how he liked Israel. He said, "In New York, we had the schvartzes [race relations in the US in '68 were pretty bad]. Here we have the Arabs.

My wife and I got lost at night in the winding streets of the old city. We were lost and frightened as now one offered to help, but you could see their toothy smiles in the moonlight.

On a bus trip from Haifa to Tel Aviv, the day after we passed by, a refinery was blown up.

These attackes were the first after the '67 war.