Memphis Dopers: Is there still a recording studio at 827 Thomas St.?

I’m a bit of an Elvis fan, and some of my favorite recordings of his are those done in Memphis in 1969, at a place called American Sound Studios, IIRC. I would assume that this studio is or was located at 827 Thomas St., as the band that did that session (among many others for Neil Diamond and Dusty Springfield, et al.) was named “The 827 Thomas St. Band”.

I know that Stax was torn down many years ago, and I wonder if this studio met a similar fate? I haven’t been able to find this out, and on my last trip through Memphis a few years ago, the gas station attendant (we were in a bit of a rush, else we would have asked someone certain to know) was not sure. Many thanks!

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This is what I found here:
Subject: Re: Sun Studios in Memphis
Here’s whats sad.
Elvis didn’t record THAT much at SUN.!
In 1969 Chips Moman produced cut 31 “hits” on Elvis at American Studio in
at 827 Thomas St. Songs included: In the Getto, Kentucky Rain, Suspious
Minds, Moody Blue ect.
The studio property and building went up for sale. I tried to petiton the
City to buy it and zone it historical.
for a museum. No luck, The city was more interested in a new stadium and an
NFL franchise. It sold
and the building was bulldozed. Now an Autozone sets there. I know SUN
studio was an important part of music history,
But American Studio was too but never gets mentioned… BTW, I’ve allways
thought SUN was located down on the
corner (where the SUN resturant is) when elvis recorded there NOT where it
is now.


vibrotronica knows more about local music stuff than I do; I’ll ask him to check in.

I can answer this, though:

This person is apparently confused. Sun has always been exactly where it is now, right “on the corner where the SUN restaurant is.” I’m about 100 yards from there right now.

Oh, that’s a real shame. Like the article says, at least we still have Sun, but American Studios was a site of much interest, as well. The walls apparently weren’t 100% impervious to sound (as evidenced by the faint strains of a fire engine’s siren on a bonus track of an Elvis CD I have), but nonetheless it was a wonderful piece of Americana. Might anyone know when it was razed?

Thanks so much for all the helpful information, both offered and forthcoming.