Men, do you like your woman to wear makeup?

I know a guy that loves his women to wear makeup. I was wondering if this is so for most straight men.

No, I prefer natural.

Properly done, makeup should be practically invisible. I’m all for that. But if you mean, do I want a woman painted like a French whore/Tammy Faye Bakker, then no.

I was going to just give my opinion but then noticed your question asked about “most” straight men. You won’t find out what most straight men think by posting a question here because Straight Dope posters who would answer such a question are not a random cross-section of straight men. Also the question should go in the IMHO forum.

Nonetheless I don’t mind some makeup but not so much that the makeup is the face. I also don’t like overplucked eyebrows. I don’t like hair that looks like she spent an hour (or $100) getting it just so (overly curled, overly straight, colored). In short I like women who take care of themselves and want to look their best but not so much that they have most of their sense of self-worth tied up in their appearance.

Jeans, t-shirt, no make-up.

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Eh, don’t really care much one way or another. I mean, I like women in short skirts and heels, call me a dinosaur or whatever. But I also know women who look wonderful in jeans, t-shirts and big wellie boots.

I find my wife beautiful whatever she chooses to wear, make up included. So it’s her call.

I’m of no opinion one way or the other. If I found a woman attractive and she wore no make-up, I can’t see myself thinking she should start. If someone wore make-up from the jump, I can’t see thinking she should stop just for me and my preferences.

In general, I admire competence in this area, as a surprising number of women seem really bad at doing their own make-up. A friend of mine that worked cosmetics in various dept. stores says this is common. It may be why some guys say don’t bother.

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My woman no wear much makeup. She hot anyway. :cool:

men or women, a lot of them look much better on Survivor than on the jury panel.

I’m not a man, but Mr. Legend prefers women without makeup, which worked out really, really well for us.

For the most part, no.

However, I think there are formal occasions where makeup is expected and probably should be worn.

I don’t think it adds much myself, and physical looks are only one part of the overall package.

I’m a straight guy, no woman currently but I notice womens makeup and appreciate when it’s done well. Some women can use a tiny amount and look trashy, some can slather it on pretty heavy and look good. It’s an art.

If you’re really, really good at using makeup, such that you can make it look like you’re not wearing any at all, go right ahead. Any level of proficiency short of that, though, don’t bother.

I like my women to be girly girls so yeah.

That said though, conterxt is everything. If all we’re doing is going to the grocery store to pick up a few items, please don’t make me wait a half hour while you put your war paint on.

Also, if you’re a red head with freckles, by all means, show them freckles off!

I like to be fooled.

Usually I don’t like much makeup but at times I do like a woman to be tramped up. For a special occasion only, not a common happening.

This! +1

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Concur. +1

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I’m just really curious as to what you would consider a ‘special occasion’, that would warrant a woman to ‘be tramped up’? :stuck_out_tongue:

My SO says I look pretty without makeup, but has also acknowledged that I look better with it on - which is as it should be. Everyone looks better with a bit of makeup. The problem is that a lot of people wear way too much of it. I went through that phase in college - sparkly green eyeshadow, heavily penciled eyebrows, the whole nine yards. It takes some practice to get it right.