Men getting taller after age 18-19. How common is this?

If grew a at least a couple inches after high school.

I graduated 8th grade at 4’10 1/2". Then graduated high school at 5’5 1/2". I then grew (mainly during my junior year) in college to 6’2" which is my current height. I’m now 51 and weigh 217 lbs. At College graduation, I was 6’2" and 150 lbs. 200 lbs is a more natural weight for me at this point so I’m a little over my ideal. Both of my sons experienced late growth. The oldest went from 4’10 entering high school to 5’5 coming out and is now 5’9". The youngest went from 5’4" entering high school to 6’1" coming out. Now, as a junior in college, he is 6’3"…

It’s real typical for the men in my family to grow a couple of inches or so post-high school. Happened to me, too*. But, height can fluctuate. I have a yoga class where the teacher sometimes promises you will be 2 inches taller after class, and that seems to be about right for me.

*I am female. Not a lot of females in my family, so maybe this is typical for all of us.

According to here, the average male height at 18 is 69.6 inches, while at 21, it’s 69.9. That’s about a third of an inch on average. Some will grow more, other less. I don’t have the standard deviation to indicate how much though.,

I was like SecretaryofEvil. At 13, I was 5’11. Eventually I got to 6’ 3/4". Now I am back to 6’. My two sons are both 6’2", but followed very different growth patterns, one growing early and the other one in college. So it obviously varies quite a lot.

I can attest to growing taller after high school. I was 5 ft 11 170 lbs at age 18. I had a quick growth spurt at 18 to 6 ft 3, thought it was over but over next 3 years grew to 6 ft 7. So at age 22 I am 8 inches taller and now weight 240 lbs. Have to admit.i enjoy running into classmates; especially the guy that at 6 ft 4 towered over most all the guys.His expression was priceless

I not only grew after I was 18, I grew again in my 30’s. It wasn’t extreme but it is medically documented. I was 5’11" when I graduated high school. I was 6’1" throughout my 20’s and now am 43 and 6’2". I had a medical problem that required some aggressive steroid treatments when I was 36 that may have caused some of it but my primary care doctor says that it just happens sometimes.

I was just a late bloomer and wasn’t finished growing the first time until I was well into college.

I’m female but I had a similar issue, and stopped growing entirely between the ages of 2 and 4. Eventually I started growing again, but slowly and was nearly 20 before I was my full adult height. Most women are full grown long before 18.

I’m 49 and still waiting for my growth spurt!!! (5’ 2")

My daughter was in this situation, more or less. Normal length at birth and for a little while thereafter, but rather quickly slipped well below the 5th percentile. In her case she did grow for longer than the average female, but still topped out at 4’10" (she claims 4’11", but :dubious:)

I was 6’2" at HS graduation, “officially,” and remained there till my forties, when I started getting measured at 6’3" at doctors’ offices. I put this down not to actual late-bloomer growth (that would be MIGHTY late-blooming), but to shorter nurses who couldn’t reacvh up high enough to measure me accurately :slight_smile:

19yr old male here, I sure hope I don’t get taller. I’m 5ft 5in and have been about the same since I was 13.

I honestly would hate being 5ft 9in and above. Would look to ‘masculine’ and IMHO less attractive.

I was 5’5 at 18. I kept hoping to put on some extra inches, and hope dies hard, so I kept measuring myself as accurately as I could until I was about 28 when I gave up. Also the height my physician measured me to at 25.

I had a new complete physical at 36, and the doctor used some very accurate measures that put me at a shade over 5’ 8. Later I got down some old trousers from a box, and yes, they were distinct inches short now.

I don’t know when that happened, but the trouser history indicate a gradual creep after turning 30.

I stopped growing taller at age 18, but I did grow broader well into my college years, which as I understand it, is also a fairly common thing.

When I was 22, I had to replace nearly all my shirts, because they no longer fit across the shoulders.

One of my larger sets of cousins (and only the one set, so pretty sure not on my side of the family) had two distinct growth spurts, both guys and girls shot up in middle/high school to a decent but not especially tall height. Then in their mid-to-late-twenties they all added another 4-6 inches each. It was fun after the first two of them, waiting til their younger siblings would hit the right approximate age and taking bets on whether they’d be dramatically taller at the annual Christmas party or not.

My side of the family has tall women and shorter guys, so that’s always a little bizarre. My poor brothers kept getting encouraged by their GPs that they’d grow more because the GPs remembered that I was tall (ish) for a woman, but when my youngest brother brought in family pics of uncles and grandparents - they realized it wasn’t gonna happen.

Same thing happened to me. In my late college years, I wore a 32-33" sleeve. This went up to 34-35" in my mid-20s, and was up to 36-37" by my mid-30s. I have freakin’ orangutan arms.

I reached my current height (6’2") by the time I was sixteen. It took a while for my friends and classmates to catch up. My high school basketball career went into decline as they grew.

On the other hand, I had a girlfriend years back who was eighteen when I met her (don’t look at me like that – I was nineteen). She was 5’2", small, slender, pretty much flat-chested, no hips to speak of. Then, shortly after her nineteenth birthday, she had a growth spurt, and grew 2 inches taller, and grew breasts and hips. Didn’t change our relationship at all - we were together for twenty years – but it was kind of funny. We actually used to joke about it.

I dated a guy in college who was about 5’ 8" at the time – he was 19. I didn’t see him again for 30 years. When I hugged him, I could swear he’s at least two inches taller. I used to be able to get on my tippy toes and sneak in a kiss, but when I saw him last summer, I could not reach his face, even on tippy toes and he bent down to me. (It was a chaste pop on the cheek, no big deal.)

I was about 5’5/5’6 through secondary school grew to 5’7 at 18 up until 22 from 22 I went from 5’7 to 5’8 then grew abit more to 5’9 grew abit more to 5’10 I’m 24 now & I’m 5.11 around 181/182cm I’m not sure if I’m done growing yet
The growth started happening when I started to eat & lift weight once j started going to the gym at 24
I am a late bloomer tho started puberty at 14

My mum is 5’4/5’5
My dad is 5’10 but he’s stooped down to about 5’9 now cos his aging

My older son and I both stopped at just under 6 feet when we were 14. Our younger son will be 18 this summer and could still be growing. He was 6’2" at his physical earlier this year.

Even more remarkable, many zombies grow 2 or 3 inches, but it’s hard to notice because their posture worsens and you have to run away from them all the time.