Men,How often to you check in on or adjust your hair?

I used to many times when I was younger and always carried a comb. Now I only look at my short hair when I’m shaving and the only comb I have rests under the shaving mirror. After all, nothing’s changed. It seems to me there is a price in time to pay for long hair that could be more enjoyably spent.

Once in morning as I get ready, maybe a quick look when I’m in the restroom once or twice during the day, tops. Maybe once if I’m going out that night. Metro I am not.

I keep it buzzed with a #1 guard, so I never check it. Just wash in the morning, and I assume it’ll be good. Every now and then, my wife will tell me I need a haircut, but that’s about it.

One reason I have a ponytail is that it minimizes hair maintenance. Wash it, comb it, tie it up. Good for days that way if necessary.

I often wear a hat, so it is not uncommon for me to check my hair when I hit the men’s room.

Once or twice a day.

(not counting when I comb it in the morning.)


I am going to be the outlier here. I have nice thick hair. I check it and brush it a lot as in maybe 10 times a day on average. I always have a brush nearby. I even brush it during the day even when I am at home by myself.

As a reluctant observer, it seems short hairs need more adjustment.

Every time I check in on my hair, some more of it seems to have escaped. :frowning: