Men in sandals and long jeans/pants , yay or nay?

Hey there!:slight_smile: what do you think of this combination on a guy? I find it very comfortable but it seems like very few men wear sandals with their jeans, khakis or linen pants, women do it more often. If you like it , do you like the pants to be full or ankle lenght? Slim or regular fit? Sandals made of leather or sporty ones like Tevas?

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I think sandals with jeans is a little odd and wouldn’t wear that combo, but if someone else does, no problem for me. So go for it if you like it.

Well, it depends. For most office environments, probably not. Not on a first date, I would advise.

But shopping, hanging out, casual dates, whatever- why not?

It would be better than the cargo shorts/flip-flops combination I usually see.

And, infinitely better than sandals worn with dark socks.

If you need to wear formal clothing of a three-piece suit, probably not. Otherwise, if it is hot, why not? I think the sporty sandals are more for hiking. If you want to know whether jeans should be normal or very, very tight, well, if they are too tight they are uncomfortable.

The socks+sandals seems more of a Japanese thing than beach wear. I’d skip it unless you were wearing Japanese sandals or something similar.

Or, in my experience, a middle-aged-to-older American white guy. :smiley:

That’s a crime against fashion that serves no purpose lol

Open shoes are exclusively a beach/pool/gym shower thing for me and with any type of long pants is right out.

I have not seen that anywhere in CA.

I do wear sandals with jeans on occasion. In Austin, it was a fairly common look.

To be fair, when I’ve seen it, it’s been in the Midwest, and primarily among guys of a certain age.

I can’t imagine even noticing such combos, let alone caring about what others are wearing.

I could see it with scrubs pants. Not with jeans, which as sturdy workwear pair badly with flimsy footwear.

There are photos of men wearing sandals with full-length denim
the point being that the jeans in question are ultra-casual rather than something that could conceivably be worn with dress shoes.

Women, too, of course

The Attire Club has spoken:

I think a very summery menswear outfit, like loose linen pants with a short-sleeved casual shirt, looks better with sandals or some other sort of very casual shoe (espadrille, moccasin, etc.) than with lace-up shoes and socks. Even athletic shoes (the modern super-constructed kind, at least, not simple canvas sneakers) can look too “heavy” for a summery outfit.

I agree with you! Looks so repetitive and low effort :smiley:

I guess it’s a little better than going out in your pajamas.

As long as they’re no socks involved, no problems.

I honestly don’t think much about what I wear. Comfort is key. In the summer shorts and slides, unless I’m boating and wear tevas