men shopping with wives are often like children

I guess this is one nice thing about being single. I shop when I want, how I want, for as long as I want. And I only have to buy things that I want.

Yes, but can he press your shirts?

I am like that most times but I found something that got me interested.

I took my wife shopping for an outfit/ensemble/whatever you gals call it on the condition that I was in control. It was great. We don’t have a lot of cash but I felt like a I had a million bucks.

We walked into the first store that looked like I might like, the saleslady moved toward my wife as I expected. I intercept her and say that I would like to see that outfit hanging on the wall as well this blouse with that skirt. She stops, nods and scurries off. I proceed to grab another saleslady and point out a couple more articles of clothing and accessories then walked to the change rooms like I was the emperor of the world, sat down, and waited for my wife to try them on for me. The salesladies seemed to get a kick out of it and caught very quickly and I found myself with three or more ladies suggesting what would look good with what. Four stores and countless outfits later I finally settled on what I wanted to buy Mrs G. Mrs G also found out that I got a pretty good eye for style :slight_smile:

This may not work all the time but for those extended shopping trips, playing BigDaddy made me feel like king of the world with a damn fine lady as my queen.

But yeah, for the most part, I am a pain to shop with.

I know. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the idea that, if something goes horribly wrong and I end up getting married, a number of financial horrors could befall me.

• He could have a bad credit rating!
• I might have to debate and discuss possible purchases – mine and his.
• He might buy crap I don’t want or like, or even want in my (our) house.
• He might not be able to shop without supervision.
• He might be free of self-control and could spend all the money if I’m not there to stop him.

What happens to boys once you marry them? Do they lose IQ points or something? Did you want or anticipate this change occurring? Because I’m assuming you all married bright responsible men who could all carry on in their lives all by themselves and then one day you got married and the men lost their ability to shop. What’s up with that?

But it all evens out once the woman gets pregnant. My wife’s IQ dropped an entire standard deviation when I knocked her up. Now I’m the smrt one :cool:

Well, my hubby is a study in contrast. For regular, weekly shopping at the market, I go alone. All the price-comparison, reading nutrition labels and tracking the coupons makes his brain bleed. OTOH, once a month we do “an Altoona run”. That’s exactly how we put it. Near Bedford, PA, about a half-hour from here, is a discount gorcery store called The Little Barn. We buy a lot of non-perishables there. In Roaring Spring, PA, a half-hour from Little Barn, is another discount store that sells some groceries, some clothing, and some electronics (a new hp deskjet 3620 printer for $35.00) and some furniture. From Roaring Springs, it’s spittin’ distance to Altoona and Sam’s Club o’ Wonders. I need him with me on these days, 'cuz that crap gets heavy! He’s wonderful on these 7 hour forays!

Mama Tiger, I hate to break it to you, love, but your husband is not an “aberration” he is a freak of nature. Get out while there’s still time! :smiley:

Shoping with women is absolute horror! :eek:

Now, now, that all depends. I hate clothes shopping for myself. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Except when I’m buying a suit. I likes to buy suits.

Ok, all that having been said, here’s my point: (finally! they all cry in unison :smiley: )

I am a gay guy. That’s a boy who likes boys for those of you who need it broken down even further. If one of my girl type friends wants me to go shopping with her, I’m all over it. We can shop and accessorize each other for hours on end. Then go have a wonderful late lunch and a drink or ten. That I can do all day. I know that’s different than hubby and wifey shopping. She won’t hit me if I say something makes her ass look fat. She respects my opinion, even when I make mack truck backing up noises. Being a woman’s gay guy has its advantages.