Men shouldn't have descended from the trees

don’t you think mankind would have been better off if we were not civilised and were still living in jungles? no more stress, hectic schedules etc etc. we could have peacefully swung from trees and chilled out.

Yeah, but also no SDMB. And what’s the point of living then?

On the other hand, you’d have to sleep with monkeys. I don’t know about you, but I don’t get turned on by women with hairy chests and inflamed red buttocks.

Damn. So I had my hopes up for nothing…


I’d love to live in a treehouse if it had cable, a pc and adequate lightning protection. Of course, these days I’d also need an elevator.

And as far as monkeys go, well, me monkey see, me monkey DO!

Mankind descended from the apes, not the trees!

Jeez, don’t you people know anything…

Nonny “pining away” Mouse

All I descended from was my mother. Now there’s a place I could go back to. I mean everything was brought to me and taken away. No loud noises, just a nice dreamy wub-dub-wub-dub, sigh.
You think she’d mind having a 250lb baby within her?

And some said that even the trees had been a bad move, and that no one should have left the oceans.


Plenty of fishies to eat. Nice fishies. Yesssss my precious.

ram_shenoy, sounds like you’ve been listening to too much “Apeman” by the Kinks.

Men shouldn’t have left Detroit.

the inflamed red ruttocks part ain’t so bad…:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, how would you like to have a life expectancy of about 20, unless you got eaten by some large predator first. In the meantime you’d get to play host to swarms of small parasites, microbes, etc, nibbling on you. You’d have to eat only whatever could be found in your immediate vicinity, assuming the larger members of your tribe didn’t take it away from you first. When it was hot, you’d be hot. When it was cold, you’d be cold. If you broke a limb, you’d probably die. If you got an infection, you could die a painful, lingering death. Does that sound idyllic?

And besides, you can get ‘Inflamed Red Buttocks’[sup]TM[/sup] on most any street corner downtown, or so I’ve heard.