Men who spit are foul disgusting creatures

I have never, ever observed a woman spitting on the ground. Why the hell do men feel compelled to spit all the time? Spit on the hiking trail, spit in the parking lot, open their car doors and spit at the red light. So totally disgusting.

Who teaches these men that this is appropriate? I immediately think any man who feels compelled to spit in public is a giant asshole.

You need to hang around some runners or cyclists.

Would you mind clarifying what you mean here? I can think of two contradictory interpretations:

  1. Runners and cyclists, in their athletic pursuits through the great outdoors, develop an appreciation for streets and sidewalks free of debris and litter, hence among their ranks one is likely to find non-spitting men.

  2. Runners and cyclists, in their strenuous workouts, build up immense quantities of spittle, necessitating disposal of same along whichever routes they take, despite the possibility of projecting a “foul” and “disgusting” image to the wider public. If this physiological reaction to the workout is independent of the athlete’s sex, then spitting females would be easily found among runners and cyclists.


What’s the excuse for all the other spitting? I don’t think sitting in one’s car is a particularly strenuous activity.

Don’t ever go to China.
In China you will see both men and women spitting everywhere outdoors and indoors.

Yeah you really don’t want to know what happens at the Tour de France that isn’t shown on TV.

Or Muslim countries either. During Ramadan, the truly devout refuse to swallow their spit! They spit everywhere.

In the fanciest hotel in Singapore there are two polished brass plaques. One says : Please refrain from spitting. ( the other reads: No Durian in the hotel please.):smiley:

what if you chew?

So you are in favor of swallowing then?

I guess I could try that. I must confess the taste throws me a little off kilter…

I’m a woman who spits outside occasionally. Not that I condone careless spitting anywhere - I find that rather disgusting. I’m asthmatic, and sometimes, if I have to run or rush somewhere, a lot of mucus builds up inside me, and I have to get rid of it (and I prefer not to swallow it - ew.)

However, if I do have to spit, I prefer doing it when nobody is looking, and I try to do it on the grass.

I’m with the OP. Swallow that stuff.

To the OP:
I guess a farmer’s blow would be over the top then?


I’m on board with the OP. I’ll never understand the swallowing is gross excuse - it’s already back there, it’s already in your body, just swallow it. It’s far more gross to hack it or snort it into your mouth - then it’s in your mouth! - in order to spit it. I don’t want anything to do with a guy who’s just had a spitwad of mucous in his mouth. So gross. I don’t see how it’s any different from picking your nose, taking a taste of whatever you pulled out with your finger, and then spitting that back out. It’s the same thing! Let the crap in the back of your throat continue its natural course downward where it belongs.

You know who else used to spit on the ground?

Wait. Did you just say, “immense quantities of spittle”? Cause that’s damn near poetic, or something.

Mamma Pajama?

Well played! Rosie lifts her Corona towards you.

I love this place.