Men's Cooking Day?


A colleague of mine just came to my desk asking if I had heard that today, November 7th, is Men’s Cooking Day. Supposedly he heard about it on both the radio and TV this morning.

I know that this is not of the the UN “international day of …” type day. Has anyone else heard that today is "International or maybe North American or maybe just Canadian men’s cooking day? " (Or is my colleague just imagining things).

Another great idea brought to you by Hallmark™ perhaps? Google drew a blank, so maybe it’s a hoax - ask your friend which programmes he heard it on.

Well, seeing as this man is single and he’s flat out sick of junk food, every day is “Man’s Cooking Day” for him… :slight_smile:

Is there a “Woman’s mowing the lawn day” out there that I’m not aware of?

Yeah, I’d buy that. Um, except that I have a lawn service.

But I do all (and the Rock means ALL) the cooking for the family. Largely out of self defense.

Of course, all our laundry days are ‘women’s laundry day’. It works out even.

'nother Man-type man checking in here to say that I do any cooking in our house that is not merely Heating (as in microwave) or Assembling (as in salad).

Last night: thinly sliced pork, zucchini and mushroom risotto with just a hint of curry. The secret? I put a thin coat of reduced balsamic vinegar on the pork before I seared it to bring out a sweetness to go with the curry. Kick that up a notch, Emeril!

I’m actually a very good cook. Now if only I could find someone to cook for…

Same here.

You can both cook for me! I’m a damn good cook myself, but there’s nothing more charming than a guy who tries to cook for me, and nothing sexier than a guy who does it well…

So what time is dinner?