Mensa questions

OK, I could hop on the internet and find out much of what I wanna know about this cult. But that wouldn’t be any fun and I’d miss out on the lovely commentary I’ve become accustomed to getting here.

What, besides bragging rights, are the perks of being a MENSA member? Do you get better deals at book stores? free admission to Ren Faires? government stipends? would I get a card that gets me dinner reservations when & where I want them? would I get to hang out with Mr. Steve Martin?

And, assuming I thought the perks worth my time, how do I go about signing up? I assume there’s some test involved? Do I hafta pay?


It’s primarily a social organization. Smart people tend to get along best with other smart people. If you are looking to meet people (i.e. the opposite sex), you might consider joining.

Annual dues are $30-40 a year.

Matchka, search the archives of IMHO for Mensa in the title - this has been discussed a number of times.

I looked into joining my local chapter and decided not.

However, you do get a membership card, which you can use to certify you’re a genius. When some yahoo says to you, “What are you? Some kind of freakin’ genius”, you can whip out your card and say, “Why, yes. Yes I am”, and then hunch down in preparation for the beating to follow.

Also, my local chapter has a monthly video film festival at a member’s house.

a friend once told me she got cheaper insurance when she joined.

(can’t remember what type, presumably car insurance)

i guess you’d need to ask mensa for a list …

IMO Mensa is a social group – something like Tuesday night’s advanced bowling league. If you’re not going to take advantage of the social activities there’s not much to Mensa beyond the Mensa Bulletin, the national magazine for American Mensa, which shows up in your mailbox 10 times a year – and your local group’s monthly newsletter. There are some benefits in America Mensa – but those would be available to any 100,000 member group. So, if you’re a social hermit it makes no more sense to join Mensa than it does a softball team. If you DO plan on socializing - there is the once a year “Annual Gathering” – this year it’s in Las Vegas, a large number of Regional Gatherings scattered throughout the year, and your local group’s weekly events and spontaneous parties. Some people concentrate on the local stuff since that’s the best opportunity to establish relationships — others only hit the Annual Gathering –

One thing I noticed about my local group – they’re mostly around the age of Steve Martin ----- :smiley:

Here’s a silly idea: why not visit the MENSA Website and let 'em speak for themselves.

I could probably pass the test, by I’ve always thought it was an awful dumb reason to form a club. . . .

I can’t find a cite, but I do recall a senior Californian (?) MENSA member advocating euthanasia for the homeless or the unemployed. Can anyone shed any light?

Mensa members are as varied in sociopolitical views as everyone else, and we’re talking about a very large organization, here. I would be extremely surprised if there were not any member of Mensa who advocated euthanasia for the homeless and unemployed.

Agreed – I’m sure you could go back through the past Mensa Bulletins and find something even more ‘out there,’ more “entertaining” in the Letters section than mere euthanasia. :slight_smile: In fact, as I understand, there’s a Mensa member in jail for murder as we speak. :frowning:

And for the OP – if you’re interested in what Mensa parties are like - take a look at Steve Martin’s most excellent experience -

Mensa Love

IIRC this wasn’t a rank and file MENSA member, it was someone who held a senior position in the organisation. I’m not suggesting any significant number of members agree with those views, I was just wondering if anyone could clarify a rather vague memory.

Here is a link to a 1995 Internet board discussion from which seems to mention this. (As the monochromatic screen blinks) Here board members quote a Los Angeles Mensa officials statement regarding that issue — ”a piece of meat in the shape of a man – ummmmm a race of meat men – get ‘em!!!

Here’s the LINK to the entire 1995 discussionBOARD TOPIC -