Menstrual synchronicity after menopause??

Yeah, yeah, gonna see a gynaecologist next week and all, but I want to hear others’ stories about women living together who end up with a weird synchronicity of their menstrual cycles.

I’m three + years post menopausal (with a brief spotting experience last year that after surgical investigation was found to be totally benign). However, about three weeks ago I started getting the tender boobs that I remembered so well from my reproductive years, followed by a bleeding episode that started 10 days ago and finally finished yesterday. Just like a regular period really.

About 2.5 months ago my daughter and my two little grandsons had moved in with me temporarily (they’ve since moved into their own place, mentioned in another thread). I spoke of my ‘malady’ to some friends and they all (every single one) smiled knowingly and assured me that the sudden appearance of my menstrual period was **caused **by being in close living proximity to my daughter/grandsons. :wink:

So, is this a recognised medical phenomenon? Does it happen frequently enough to make it a legitimate diagnosis? Can my withered and dessicated old ovaries kick into gear again just because I hang out with fertile young women?? :smiley:

G’is the StraightDope please.

Don’t break your gynecologist appointment. Bleeding after menopause needs to be taken seriously.