Mental Health movies?

Ok, I have to write a paper for my Mental Health Nursing Class, coming up this fall. I’d like to get the paper done in the next week or so. The class doesn’t actually start for a few weeks, but they gave us the assignment to do over the summer, if we care to work ahead.

We can choose any mental health issue and are supposed to critique a mental health related movie in the paper. The examples given were A Beautiful Mind (Schizophrenia), As Good As It Gets (OCD) and The Big Chill (Suicide).

I’d rather not use one of the examples given and that is why I am wondering if anyone knows of any movies based on a theme of post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or maybe even a self mutilation themed movie? Thanks for the input!

Ordinary People with Mary Tyler Moore may fit the requirements, with PTSD, suicide attempt, withdrawal.

Mental health issues?

Apocalypse Now
The Vanishing
Fight Club

Secretary has some scenes of self

Been a long time since I have seen it, but as I recall Prince of Tides would fit this category as well.

Gah! I was saying . . .

Secretary has some scenes of self-mutilation.

Spider deals with childhood trauma and sexual psychology (or whatever you’d call it, I’m not a psycologist).

How about…

Hurry Tomorrow



Girl, Interrupted

• And of course One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The Christine Jorgenson Story

The Yarn Princess is the story of a mildly retarded woman trying to keep her family together after her husband is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

My Sister’s Keeper is the story of two sisters, one “normal” and one Bipolar. I happen to know the woman who Kathy Bates’s character is based on.

How’sabout I Am Sam ?

Maybe that’s not what you’re looking for, in which case, I present to you…

:stuck_out_tongue: The Butterfly Effect :stuck_out_tongue:


As already noted, Frances will show how it was done in the bad old days, as well as the opening of Amadeus. Awakenings with Robin Williams is unique in showing the importance of drugs in psychotherapy (unlike most movies such as Snake Pit or Prince of Tides, with their “a-ha! A repressed memory revealed. Go forth now and be crazy no more!”

There was another movie that stressed the importance of not letting the psych ward nursed be ganged raped by dozens of insane maniacs, lest she become pregnant with a future serial killer, but I can’t recall the name.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!

I have just ordered the VHS of My Sister’s Keeper. It sounds like a good movie to write it on, plus one that not everyone in the class will pick.

However, I am definately going to try to find Hurry Tomorrow and some of the other movies suggested at the library or somewhere, because they sound interesting and to prepare for the class.

I had to LOL when I saw the suggestion The Butterfly Effect. Definately some mental health issues going on there.

Thanks again.

You really mustn’t give such a suggestion without being able to recall the name! :dubious: This is worthy of a class presentation! YIKES. LOL

The Bad Seed and The Good Son are both about sociopathic children. We had to watch The Bad Seed in my psych rotation.

Solondz’s Happiness covers most of the DSM-IV.

In My Skin was released last year (on a limited basis; it’s French) to generallyl good reviews, and is all about a woman’s descent into self-mutilation. Unseen by me, it is supposed to be quite graphic and disturbing but not exploitative.

Here’s a list of mental illness films from the IMDB. Also, psychiatric hospital, manic depression, obsessive compulsive, and suicidal.