Mentally ill Canadians denied entry into US

According to this article, if you’re Canadian and mentally ill, you can be denied entry into the US.


This scares me.

A friend of mine was denied entry to Canada because of an old Cannabis possession charge that he had pled guilty/paid a fine over. He was traveling to Canadia to accept an award your music industry gave him.

We keep our potheads and y’all keep your mentally ill?

This is just the way it is, sorry. Canada and the US share an incredible amount of information with each other. I cross the border often and go to secondary inspection almost every time. I have never been denied entry either way. This is just a product of computerization of records. It will only get worse, sorry.

If you have an arrest record or a police report on you I highly recommended you get a clearance beforehand.


Well, I’ve never beeen arrested, but I am mentally ill, and my mother has phoned the police on me before (over minor things. She likes to phone the police. things seem okay now though.) (I hope I don’t sound like I’m covering something up now.)

I’m worried I won’t be allowed in the United States again.

I’m more worried about sane Canadians.

EmilyG, why do Canadians–mentally illor not–have the right to enter the United States?

Emily, there is a ton of ignorance and prejudice against those with a mental illness. Hopefully someday it will get.better. I try to do my small part to educate people who are ignorant on the.subject.but it get tiresome. I look at prejudice in other areas that.have improved like black people were not allowed to ride in the front of a bus, now its,…mental illness needs a Martin Luther King Jr to speak out for mentally ill people . There are a good number of people educated about it and who actually understand it so try not to let some peoples ignorance define you

If you haven’t been seriously involved with the Police it won’t be in the system. A suicide attempt will be scrutinized because it is percieved to be violent or possibly so. What they are trying to avoid is someone coming to the States and hurting people here in an attempt to hurt themselves. A real problem with this cross reporting is that our countries report and track the same events in different ways and report them into a shared system. What I am saying is that they are reporting as equivalents when they are not. Some people will get the short end of the stick and some who should be denied entry won’t, because the reporting systems can’t be 1:1 correlated.

I have been arrested, more than once before, my border trouble has nothing to do with that. It has never come up, never. I have crossed the border around 40 times. My problem is that I am traveling with musicians and $$$$.

If you are really worried about it, call your closest RCMP office(community relations office?) and ask them. Even if you have a problem it can be cleared in advance at the US Consulate there in Montreal. The US and Canada enjoy warm relations and are close allies and are not arbitrarily trying to deny each others visitation but we are separate Nations and have a duty to protect our respective borders.


I’m having a difficult time imagining a skilled, moving orator like MLK; but, mentally ill. Don’t entirely mean to make light of the situation, but hey.

My thoughts exactly. The country you’re attempting to enter holds all the cards. You have no say in the matter.

If the US decided to refuse entry to midgets with halitosis it would entirely be their decision.

Little late for that, now that we already have Justin Bieber.

I think it is hard to find an orator like mlk jr , period, mentally ill or not. Not alot of people in that category come along every day.

Thanks Capt :slight_smile:

Please excuse my flippant earlier post. This is a very informative response Capt. Thank you sir.

Mental illness has been grounds for deportation from the U.S. for a very long time. In fact, my great-grandmother was ordered deported to Canada for that very reason in 1922. (I am the cousin referenced in the blog who dug up the records from the National Archives.) Nobody alleged that she was dangerous to others, or even to herself; she was ordered deported, among other reasons, because Immigration determined that she was likely to become a “public charge” (i.e. end up on public assistance). That’s still a quite common ground for denying someone a visa and/or green card.

But as others ahve mentioned, there are waivers available for many grounds of deportation or excludability.

Eva Luna, U.S. Immigration Paralegal (and armchair genealogist)

Maybe, but absolutely correct. I think most Americans and Canadians think of the border as one akin the to State/Province border, just slightly more complicated. You pull up to the booth, show your Passport, the agent asks why/how long you are there and off you go. Go to secondary a few times, it can be more like crossing Check Point Charlie.

I crossed back into the US from Canada once( Bellingham,WA) on tour with an Austin, Texas based band and the agent made it clear that he did not have to let us back in and he wasn’t particularly inclined to. I had about 2 1/2 hours to stew on that. Special.

Sorry for the hijack


Where does she claim she has a right to this? One can be upset about something being denied even if it’s not a right.

Interesting that you would compare blackness to mental ilness. A persons blackness has never driven them to shoot up their school or workplace.

We’ve actually had a few already:

Judi Chamberlin

Howie the Harp

Laura Ziegler

Leonard Roy Frank is more of our Malcolm X :wink:

Seriously? You can be denied entrance back into your own country after a brief trip abroad? On what grounds?