"Merchant of Death" Busted in Bangkok

Story here. Viktor Bout. Nicholas Cage’s character in Lord of War is said to be at least partially based on Bout. I keep saying we get them all here in Thailand.

His Wikipedia entry is here.

Glad to hear it. I can only hope that there’s no deputy or anyone to take his place, and that his arrest results in an overall drop in arms trafficking. Sadly, I suspect others will move in to fill the vacuum.

There’s always someone ready to fill the void.

After reading his Wiki entry, while certainly not admirable for all of his dealings, he certainly seems like a fasinating individual. I’ll bet that he has some stories that would make your head spin.

“this be the faith of an armorer…that he shall sell good weapons at a good price to all who desire them”
This guy is a businessman-when it suited us (the USA), we used him (to sell guns to the Afghans resisting the Taliban). Face it, armies need weapons, and the salesmen to supply that want will always be around.

UPDATE: “Lord of War” Begs to Be Saved. Gee, it seems he was innocent all along. Just a victim of circumstances, doncha know. It’s all nasty “fabricated American accusations.” :rolleyes: