Merrie Monarch

Right now we are having a hula contest.

I cant be the only one who cares.

You’re just braggin’. Grrrrrrrrr.
::looking very pissed off, out the window at the stupid, Irish rain:: :mad:

Maybe it would help if I knew what the hell you’re talking about?

The Merrie Monarch festival is an annual hula competition. It’s held on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hula clubs, called halau, come and compete. I have relatives who have danced at one before.

I believe one of the pictures at the end of Lilo and Stitch shows Lilo dancing at the Merrie Monarch festival.

I always preferred the traditional dance styles. They’re much livelier. Never cared for the muu-muu and kukui nut lei modern types that danced dreamily to sedate Hawaiian music.

Ah, Springtime in Hilo…I’m getting nostalgic…
Just had my Merrie Monarch shirt on yesterday, and was thinking it Must be about time. Saw Richard Chamberlin there a coupla years ago. Aloha Bruddahs and Seestahs.