Merry Christmas Eve Day Eve

What are you doing today?

I grew up celebrating the 24th as The Holiday, one of my favorite days of the year. whole family comes over, big meal and then PRESENTS. staying up late with The Grownups. :slight_smile:

that means today is some kind of holiday, I’m sure of it. I went to Walmart early and almost everyone was in a good mood, or pretending to be. not crowded when I left at 9.

are you out and about or at home? working?

Celebrating Festivus, duh.

It’s raining on top of yesterday’s snow, so I am safely inside. My father is shoveling but will probably put up his little tree and decorations later.

We also open presents on Christmas Eve, before Midnight Mass.

Wine tasting with a bunch of friends at some local wineries. Hey, I gotta go so I won’t be late!

Working (casually) at home, last minute shopping, and cooking for the Big Day. And catching up on The Dope of course.

I’ve always called today Christmas Double Eve.

so, air your damn grievances, already. :mad: me, I am playingThe Mormon Tabernacle Choir. :smiley:

All day yesterday and into the wee hours of this morning I thought today was 12/24:smack: I am excited to have an extra day; but now I must wait another day to open presents. :frowning:
I do not exchange gifts with anyone and live alone with no plans so I do not really need to know what day it is. I already know what is in each of the Amazon boxes because I purchased the things to me from me; but still I feel that I must wait to open them until 12/25. When I was a kid we were never allowed to open even one gift on Christmas Eve.

Hey anyone else spending the Holiday alone with DIY gifts?

When I was a kid our big day was having all the relatives over on Christmas Eve with dinner at our house and opening presents. Christmas Day we went to church with our food hangovers, then went to my grandmother’s for Christmas Day dinner. It was exhausting. Now we have a nice dinner on Christmas Eve, just a few of us, and open presents Christmas morning after a nice breakfast. We’ve re-focused on relaxing and having fun. We watch Christmas movies together and just hang out looking at the tree.

Today I’m venturing to the local drug store for some last-minute candy, and maybe to the grocery store if it isn’t too crazy. Other than that, we’ll be slowly doing prep for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas breakfast, wrapping presents, and probably eating too much candy which is why I needed to go to the drug store in the first place. :smiley: I’m such a sucker for the Christmas candy! Geesh.

What a shame to be alone on the holiday. You don’t live in NE Kansas, do you?

No, I am in CT. Do many people in NE Kansas celebrate the Holiday alone? Or were you going to invite me over? I would bring my home made cookies although since you are a Baker you probably can do better.

“It’s the best Eve.”

-Chance the Gardener

Just got back from an afternoon of shopping: groceries, extension cords and a few stocking stuffers. Plan on not going anywhere near a store until day after Boxing Day.

Not alone, well I kinda am, at the moment. So I am wrapping some junk for the Lil’Wrekker. She’s in town with friends. Mr.Wrekker’s fishing, he will come home in the wee hours. Tomarrow is prep day for Christmas day feasting. My older daughter won’t come home for holidays, they are gone to Florida. We see them New Years. Son -ofaWrek, will be here on Christmas day to eat

We exchanged gifts last night and today, because I’m impatient.

We saw the Last Jedi, which was great.

He gave me my big Christmas present, which was too amazing for words.*

We went out to eat and I had prime rib, a wedge salad, and some really tasty vodka cranberry thing.

Now I’m curled up on the couch with a heating pad, chocolate, and no complaints whatsoever.

*It’s rather involved to explain, but the short version is, he bought me a professional editor/consultant for my novel. I’m still reeling.

This looks to be going down as one of those rare, precious, perfect days.

nice! :slight_smile:

That’s how it is in most of Latin American, I think. In Colombia, when people say “Navidad,” they mean the night of the 24th, where you have a big party, with a big meal, lots of friends, and lots of drinking and dancing–exchanging gifts is not as big a deal (mostly small token expressions). Christmas day is for sleeping off your hangover (and going to church, if you’re devout). At least, that’s how it is on the Caribbean coast.

Sweet one, Spice!!

I spent the afternoon in Yosemite. Staying outside the park tonight, going back for another visit tomorrow.

You too, Phoebe.