Merry Saint Nick!

See here and here for more factual information.

Anyway, I got a fairly ugly looking greek cookbook, a wooly hat, a DVD of “the NATIVITY STORY”, a harmonica, and a candle. Also, lots of beer. Hurrah!

So; any of you do anything special for St. Nick’s today or are you planning anything for tomorrow night? Cheers,


St Nick is big in the Netherlands. So, like tradition demands, I will get together with my family in my brothers house tonight, and exchange gifts. Each gift should come with a self-made poem teasing the recipient. I haven’t finished any of my poems yet, so I’m in for some traditional St nick stress today. :wink:

Me and my friends had a fairly untraditional St. Nick’s party tonight, so we decided to do away with the teasing poems. Thank whatever for that. They can be fun, but usually they’re just not, IMHO. But good on you for keeping traditions - and embarrasment - rolling :slight_smile:

Me, I’m going to dedicate the day to my dad’s memory. Dec 6 is a national holiday in Spain, Constitution Day (being the anniversary of the referendum in which it got approved); Dad had voted against it and always said that, while there was no way in all the circles of Hell he’d ever celebrate Saint Constitution, he was perfectly happy to celebrate Saint Nick.

So tomorrow I’ll celebrate Saint Nick and not Saint Consti.

I was unaware the holiday was ever abbreviated as such. Or that it, like Christmas, takes the adjective “Merry.”

So, since I know so little about it, you can probably guess that I won’t be celebrating it.

I got some Swedish Fish. As a kid, St Nicks made the month of December even more awesome.

I filled my German class kids’ shoes (they made paper ones to leave in class over the weekend) with candy canes, crayons, Toblerone, and other trinkets. They are happy today…sugar!!