Messaging App Notification Option

Just in case any of you are involved in or know someone involved in the development of one of the various messaging apps in the world (Whatsapp, Slack, Instagram, Microsoft Teams, etc.), I just wanted to suggest a smarter beeping/vibrating notification setup than “none” and “for every frickin’ message”.

First, let’s say that we have an “intensity” variable. If the intensity value is greater than 3 (for example) then you might beep at full volume and vibrate, if it’s greater than 2 then you beep at partial volume and vibrate, greater than 1 and you only vibrate, and under that you simply give up because the person is aware and doesn’t care.

To calculate the intensity, you would take into account, most importantly, how recently you just notified. If you just notified about two seconds ago, four seconds ago, six seconds ago, and eight seconds ago - because a group of people are all having a fun time yacking it up - and I’ve received all of those notifications, then it’s quite possible that I have already been sufficiently notified by this point and that I’m not reading the messages because I have other things to do in life than chat about memes, with the interns, at 8am in the morning.

I am aware and you can lower the intensity of your notifications already.

But let’s say that someone sends me a DM. Sure, pop that sucker back up to the top and give me the full beep and vibrate again.

Or, for example, it’s been an hour since someone posted to the general channel of memery, because work mode has finally kicked in. Again, maybe we could go back to full intensity.

The value of intensity is based on how monotonous the channel movement and post timing is.

What happens (beep, vibrate, show a preview on the lock screen, etc.), for various intensity levels, is something that can be made easily configurable. How long of a gap until there’s a full reset back to the top intensity could, likewise, be configurable.

By all means, I’ll accept a check but you’re free to steal and implement this design (or something similar) for free and without attribution, if you can’t be bothered.