Metal and smells.

So, why does metal have less oder. To smell it at all, you have to put it right near your nose. Why?

Is it: That molecules are heavier and therefore less likely to float around, rather than fall to the floor? Or that those little particles will stick more strongly (being metals) to each other and there are fewer floating around? Something else? All of it together?

I knew I should have taken more physics and chemistry. Except I hate them. :slight_smile:

Itโ€™s mostly
B) The little particles stick more strongly and there are fewer floating around.
Metals all have high boiling points which means that the atoms stick together tightly at normal temperatures.
The tendency of atoms or molecules to float off into the air increases with increasing temperature, up to the boiling point of the material. Gold, for instance, has a boiling point of 5084 degrees F, and needs a lot of heating before it gets smelly.

Interesting. I know just enough about science (Good high school basic physics program and good biology classes in college) to know what I donโ€™t know. I always wondered about that.

I guess carbon-based substances have a much lower boiling point and are less sticky.