Metal detectors and face masks - why do we allow Republicans to flout the rules

Basically, the heading says it all. There are a number of bone headed, stupid ass, fucking moronic Republican members of Congress who refuse to wear face masks and begun walking around the new metal detectors installed for security. Why doesn’t Pelosi instruct the acting Sergeant at Arms to throw the fuckers out of the chamber if they won’t follow simple rules? I believe it’s within her authority to do so.

Is it too much for me to ask for it not to be a rep from Oklahoma? Just one time? Oh wait, we elected Markwayne Mullin. Yes, yes it is too much to ask.

So it takes a 2/3 vote to expel a member of the House, but I’m not clear if just forcing them to leave for not following rules would be an expulsion. It seems to me that if she could kick people out, that might come in handy when there was a tight vote. I do know that they will apparently be levying steep fines against them.

This is security theater. The place for metal detectors is at the external entrances to the building. Furthermore, metal detectors do good only when they are manned. This is an absolutely pointless response. If the metal detectors had been in place before the riot, they would have done no good whatsoever.

I’d be happy with manned metal detectors and mandatory frisking for all. Special attention for those who have declared they are going to flout the law and concealed carry into the chambers. Also, have large guards who will slap members across the back of the head repeatedly if they take their masks off, or pull them down to their chins.

Announce that mask refusers will be shot, but only with confiscated guns.
Give them a clear path to doing the right thing.

That’s not the (only) reason they’re there.

Seems likely, given that many also won’t wear masks and gave other Congresspeople COVID-19.

Congresspeople who repeatedly violate the rules on masks and guns should be expelled. Not for one or two warnings or offenses, but progressive discipline for multiple offenses committed by people who openly defy the Speaker’s authority. The more I think about it, the more I am willing to have this fight, knowing full well the narrative will be that Democrats are trying to ban Republicans from elected office. My hunch is that, over time, some of these Republicans will be viewed as the insurrectionists that they are.

Just like the party of fiscal responsibility is no such thing, the family values party is no such thing, the life party is no such thing, the law and order claim is also bullshit.

It’s tricky because you can’t expel them without denying them and their constitutes representation. What is the action for someone breaking the rules there anyway?

Their constitutes can replace them with representation that can follow the fucking rules.