Metal doorframe

I need to replace my basement door, which was broken last week in a flood. I went to Home Depot for the door and decided to go with their installation. They sent out somebody to measure (it’s a standard door, which at least is good news), but they discovered that I have a metal frame down there, which means they can’t do the install. Something about not being able to warranty it or something.

So, what’s the deal with a metal frame? Is it a concern about the squareness of the frame? It seems square, but I have neither the tools nor the expertise to really determine that (I just measured at several places to see if the width and height were the same; they were). Is is really a problem, or is Home Depot just being weird and corporate about this?

Metal frames are great, I imagine it is still square and there is nothing wrong with it. Could you be more specific? Did he say if the holes on the metal frame matched the door where you put the hinges? If they didn’t, maybe they didn’t want the hassle of having to replace the frame either. The frames are a bit more of a hassle to replace if the frame is put in around cinder block or concrete.

Unfortunately, I can’t be more specific because I wasn’t given any specifics. They just told me something about not being able to warranty it, so they couldn’t do the install.

The hinges look like they’re in the standard place, but I don’t know that much about doors. I’m pretty sure the frame is square; I just measured again and measured the diagonal, which was the same both ways.

At any rate, we’re probably going to go with actual door people. We’d do it ourselves, but, like I said, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I want to make sure it’s done right. We just went with Home Depot because we figured it would be relatively cheap, and they have a “six months, no payment” thing going on, which we could use right now since we just lost many thousands of dollars in stuff from the flood. It’s not entirely surprising that they’re being stupid about this.