Metal Fans: Who Else You Dig?

So you’re a fan of Celtic Frost, Ghost, Opeth, and/or Bathory (just names pulled out of a hat). Who do like that’s not metal? The Entwhistle/Moon rhythm section? Prog legends King Crimson? Proto-Cookie Monster vocalist Captain Beefheart? Jazz legend Ornette Coleman? What about the Man in Black? I’m expecting surprises here, because we humans are full of them.

The heaviest stuff I like is some old thrash. Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Pantera if that fits the bill.

In the also category, The country outlaws, Chicago blues, southern rock, 80’s metal.

The Kings, Buddy Guy, Elmore James, SRV

Willie,Waylon,George Jones,Travis Tritt, Hank Jr


Well, to give a wide angle shot:

One of my latest favorites are the incredible, most powerful and incredibly sexy Lightning Bolt - Dead Cowboy (seriously, one of my favorite things on earth, can watch that clip over and over).

Then, there’s also Thee Oh Sees/Oh Sees/OCS - Nite Expo, Static God , Tidal Wave (Live!)
For examples of non-hard stuff from last century? Ummm, how bout Beat Happening - Hot Choclate Boy or Bo Diddley - Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover, The Sonics - The WItch, Psycho.

And of course, the most holy Cramps - TV Set, Human Fly, The Most Exalted Potentate of Love, The Call Of the Wighat, so much beautiful rock from that ensemble.

But even I’ve been known to happily mellow out some with some of that Brian Eno, Django Reinhardt, or the Ray Price sort of thing.
But even when I’m listening to those sorts of sounds I’m reminded about things like Les Paul and Mary Ford, who did some decidedly upbeat stuff, or Benny Goodman (Dammit, let those bastards know you mean it, your music is as good as anyone else’s, bar fucking none. That recording still makes me cry, just thinking about the drums is enough.). So, gimme the fast beats, I’ll probably love it.

Oh, and I love what my Mexican co-workers tell me is mostly Banda, but I still think of it as Ranchera. When they get going, it’s the most metal goddamn horn section you’ve ever heard. My Spanish still sucks, so I am still discovering who I love. Ezequiel Peña is pretty reliable to bring that, Vicente Fernandez has his charms, too. Even Ranchera without a bunch of horns can be pretty pleasant, try El Querreque on for size. (My Wonder Bread ass probably heard most of those songs from my neighbor’s car stereos before I knew Black Sabbath existed)

So, yeah, I dig lots of stuffs. I could go on and on with this question. But I feel compelled to listen to all of the links I post, so this has taken awhile, and I gotta go to bed sometime.

I love nearly all kinds of metal. From the early days of Black Sabbath, to the more extreme offerings like Darkthrone, Mayhem, Gorguts, Death, Napalm Death, Sigh, and nails to name a few.

Arcade Fire is my favourite band.

Obviously I love metal (see avatar)

But i also love some dark/tribal/tech house. DJs like steve lawler. Seb Fontaine. And dozens of others.

But let’s not forget Fleetwood mac. talking heads. Or depeche mode. Foreigner.

And then how about The Cure? Or siouxsie and the banshees? The pixies. Lucius Jackson. Afghan wigs.

And then there is nwa, ice cube, early dre, eminem. And not mention east coast wu tang, fugees, and probably dozens of others.

And then of course there is ministry. Covenant. Apopgymy berserk. Front 242. NIN. Skinny puppy. Velvet acid christ. Many others here too.

I also dont want to leave out Johnny cash, waylon Jennings, dolly Parton and such.

Oh, and I love me some Mozart from time to time.

I know I’m forgetting hundreds of other artists I love, but these are what came to mi d without much thought.

Allan Holdsworth totally takes it to the next level:

I like all sorts of music, but mostly country and metal. Some of my faves:

Hank Williams III
Johnny Cash
Smashing Pumpkins
Florence and the Machine
Jamey Johnson
John Prine
Nine Inch Nails
Miranda Lambert
Waylon Jennings
Chris Stapleton
The Breeders
Turnpike Troubadours