Meteorite hunting

Anyone ever done it? Tips, advice?

I was looking through my old astronomy notes and found a lab packet on meteorite hunting that we never did. I thought it sounded fun. I’m pretty sure the desert is a good place for it.

Look on your roof. (Courtesy of Mangetout of this parish.)

Meteorite Hunting?

What kind of gun do you use for that?

Whoa, that is cool!

A 1920s Style “Death Ray”, if anything.

Here’s a site with a nice accumulation of information and links. I’d encourage you to watch the Meteorite Men show it references on The Science Channel. Part of it details their efforts locating additional pieces of a prehistoric meteorite than fell in Kansas with the use of a sled-mounted magnetometer and a couple of 4-wheelers. Entertaining and informative.

Somehow I missed this post. I’ll check out that site and I’ll be looking for the show. Thank you.