[Meticulous 66 year old] finally shoots kid that walked on his lawn. [ Ed. title]

Well, not really. But pretty close:


Man, you always here about the old guy that screams at kids to get off his lawn, but damn, this one takes the cake.

I suggest you email a mod to change the title of your OP dude.

Not even close. :rolleyes:

The story is sad. For all parties concerned. :frowning:

It’s over at MPSIMS, too.

I can tolerate the Bush and Cheney bashing on the SDMB even though it has gotten a bit overused, but placing Cheney’s name in the title was a bit much even for my lax standards.

Had Cheney been an outspoken proponent of the Texas law that allegedly presumes evil intent of the part of tresspassers, I might have given this a pass, but this is simply a personal tragedy that does not need the “our whole administration is evil” treatment.

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Maybe they could put a monitor in his cell connected to a webcam showing his lawn going to hell and being trampled upon in his absence.

The award for bad-taste headline goes to the Winnipeg Sun:

Teen Mowed Down Over Lawn.

Oh, those punny Manitobans!

Whoa. The worst I’ve ever got was the hose turned on me! My designation for these people is ‘lawn-nazis’, and since a big part of my job is walking dogs, I’ve learned how to spot their territories. The grass is a vibrant green through both winter and summer droughts, completely weed and dandilion free, trimmed to absolute conformity and edged with straight-razor precision where it meets the walk. There are never leaves on it in the Fall, and the truly fanatical will be out in the dead of winter, blowing off the snow.

It is very sad, for everyone involved. Sad that this man became so obsessed with his lawn instead of something more meaningful in life. Sad that the teenager and his parents chose to have no respect for someone else’s property, when they had no doubt had many warnings.

Some days I have very little hope for human beings. Honestly. :frowning: