Mexico decriminalizing drugs.

Mexico is decriminilizing pot, heroin, cocaine, LSD, hallucinogenic mushrooms, amphetamines and peyote!


This is the most sensible thing I’ve heard in years. I don’t have much hope the US will follow suit, but it will be interesting to see how this sways things.

Alex, I’ll take “Guaranteed ways to piss off the US, outside of immigration, for $800.”

From what I’ve read, they’ll allow people to possess up to two pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms. That seems a bit excessive.

Also, any sort of drug selling is still illegal.

I imagine that Tijuana is going to become an even more popular tourist destinaton soon.

Heh. How are people supposed to get the drugs? No wonder so many are trying to flee that country. Their laws make less sense than ours.

Grow it in their backyard, or as a gift from a friend. Like certain cancer victims/chemo patients I know, who got gifts of marijuana.

I don’t believe anyone distinguishes between distribution for profit or not-for-profit. It is still distribution.

Hmm…Actually, that might make a good Thread in GQ…


Yeah, I’m interested to see how this works out as well. Lord knows that what we are doing sure isn’t working.

Except if you’re growing it in your backyard, you’re going to have a lot more than 5 grams worth, which is still illegal as per the law: unless it has a provision for home cultivation for personal use.

That depends on whether the mushrooms are fresh or dried. Psilocybe mushrooms are 90% water, so two wet pounds would be equivalent to 3.2 dry ounces. Of course, that is still an excessive amount compared to the other drugs. It works out to about 40 relatively large doses. The weights of the other drugs seem to be in the 2-10 dose range.

:smack: My math skills are lacking today. That number should actually be closer to 25.

More like a bargaining chip: read “we’ll kill the bill if you ease up on immigration.”

I agree with you completely, WhyNot. They’ve got some serious balls down there, and I love it, personally. Those quantities are no more than a week or two weeks’ stash for most users I knew back in my wilder days. I’ve known people who could get through one of the listed quantities in a day or two. I think this is great–stop filling up the jails with people who aren’t hurting anyone, and go after the movers and shakers.

Uh… but the movers and the shakers wouldn’t be hurting anyone either if they weren’t forced to operate outside the law…

I’ve written pages agreeing with you, but baby steps, man, baby steps.

Wow. I’m sure they’re going to get a lot of pressure from the US drug warriers – I hope they don’t cave. It seems like a sensible policy to me – addicts should be treated rather than thrown in prison, and those who can use drugs responsibly in the privacy of their homes should be left alone.

The current US attitude on drugs borders on McCarthyist paranoia.

I would add that if there is no violence during their arrests, IMHO people who are in jail only for drug use are political prisoners.

2 pounds of Peyote (which contains mescaline), not mushrooms. Peyote is typically 1% mescaline, so 1 kilo peyote has 1 gram mescaline, which is 2-3 decent doses.

Here’s the whole list:

-------SOURCE: Associated Press----
Opium: (raw, to be smoked): 5 grams
Heroin: 25 milligrams
Marijuana: 5 grams
Cocaine: 500 milligrams
LSD: .015 milligrams
MDA: 200 milligrams
MDMA (Ecstasy): 200 milligrams
Mescaline: 1 gram
Peyote: 1 kilogram
Psilocybin (concentrate, pure, active ingredient): 100 milligrams
Hallucinogenic mushrooms (raw, off the farm): 250 milligrams
Amphetamines: 100 milligrams
Dexamphetamines: 40 milligrams
Phencyclidine (PCP, or Angel Dust): 7 milligrams
Methamphetamines: 200 milligrams
Nalbuphine (synthetic opiate): 10 milligrams

Mexican drug-use bill to be toughened:


At 1%, that’s 10 grams i.e. 20-30 doses. Although this is after drying. Not sure whether the weight mentioned is for dried peyote, or not.

Mexico’s quick backing-down is utterly silly. As the linked article notes, the new law is actually tougher and more specific than the old law. Apparently San Diego mayors are like Middle Eastern dictators; knock off one nutter and you get another nutter waiting to take his place. I’m sure the next one will be off his/her rocker too, and the next one after that. I’m ashamed.