MGM: 1, Jesse Jackson: 0

Hooray for MGM.

According to CNN, MGM will not cut scenes from any future release of Barbershop because it got “reverand” Jesse Jackson’s panties in a twist.

I am pleased that MGM is willing to alienate the five or six people who take Jesse Jackson seriously. Surprising that someone who whines so much about being oppressed is in favor of such asinine censorship.


<< high fives…somebody, somewhere >>

Get a friggin’ sense of humor, Jesse.

I kind of feel sorry for Jesse sometimes. He so obviously wanted to be a cultural figure of importance, but he just didn’t know how to go about it. Maybe I’m wrong - I’m not part of the cultural group he was striving to reach - but it seems like he never quite made the impact he was looking for. He chose bizaare battles, and didn’t seem to know how to fight them. And these days he just comes of as shrill, screaming for attention.

Some people love him, but it seems more like the love for a kindly old grandpa than the love for a hero.

Maybe I’m way off base with this. I haven’t exactly followed his career other than when he pops up in the media, usually for something like this.

I don’t know why Jesse gets a bye for his obvious anti-Semitic rhetoric, talking about Hollywood not dissing Golda Meir…

I am so tired of Jesse Jackson, and his causes. Leave people alone, he so wants to be influential and a public figure.

Hey, A-Hole, it’s a F-ing Movie, get a sense of humor - SMUUCK.

Good for MGM, not giving in.

A few a couple of years ago, Jesse Jackson came to my hometown
Decatur, IL because of a video of high school kids, at a football game getting into a big fist fight. He came to town, getting into everyone’s business, the parents, schoolboard/administration, on how they took care of the incident.

Expulsion or Suspension was the punishment, and Jesse didn’t think that was right. Who the F are you to come here and put you 2 cents in, you don’t live here, no one wants you. It’s a local or regional incident.

He get’s arrested, and goes to jail and he wants to get his stay at the hotel, and meals and other expenses donated to him, by the resturant/hotel owners, they gave him the big F-U, pay your bill, and get the F out.

Hey, Jesse how about taking care of your own house and affairs, before you go around telling other people, how to live. Let those who in glass houses throw the first stone.

In a perfect world they would film more jokes ragging on him, and add them in to the DVD.


From IMDb’s Studio Brief, emphasis added:

NAACP, meet the AARP. AARP, meet the NAACP.

I’m yet to see the film, but I think I know what Queasy Mmmmfoomay is talking about there. Cedric the Entertainer’s character is supposed to be a little off-the-wall, I’ve seen a couple clips, I think the point was to go way over the line and see where it led. Cedric is a great rant-comedian who can really get going, so I’m sure it comes off just like that. I think the character’s ideas were indeed meant to be taken with a grain of salt, and not necessarily because of his age.

CNN, MGM, AARP, and NAACP I grok.

But who the F’in F is SMUUCK?

How did Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get to be “black leaders”? Did they elect themselves? They seem to resent anything that shows that black people, like anybody else, have all sorts of different viewpoints and opinions. Reminds me of “feminist leaders” like Gloria Steinem.

Actually, I can’t think of a clearer example of what “politically correct” means. Rev. Jackson has decided that any art produced by an African-American must serve a political agenda, and it has to be the correct one.

(Come to think of it, wasn’t it Jesse who foisted the term “African-American” on us, as soon as everybody had gotten comfortable with “Black”? I don’t mind using the term, but what an amazing display of ego it was, to simply issue a pronouncement: “I have elected myself to speak for all Black Americans. I hereby decree, from now on we are to be called African-Americans. If you don’t do this, you are a racist.” (Not an exact quote.)