mhendo, stop assigning grades to other posters!

Professor mhendo, I’m writing to kindly request that you stop giving these smarmy assed grades out to other posters. I realize that you may have a position in real life where you have power and control over others and you seem to get off on it, but here in the SDMB, all posters can come in as equals and be evaluated on the merits of their arguments. Hence, when you feel compelled to assign grades to other posters, it just chaps the hell out of me.

From the thread about even_sven’s second hand retelling of a friend’s injured hand:

In almost every other debate you enter you consistently come back to the claim that the other side is wrong simply because they’re too stupid to understand what you’re saying. Given that you’re some sort of English prof, I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to make yourself clear or why you even have to give out D-'s for reading comprehension. If you think others are being disingenuous, say it, and drop the smarmy tone about how your writing is simply on a level far above what mere mortals can understand. Just because you feel that framing a debate in a particular way will help your side doesn’t mean that it’s the most appropriate way to frame a debate.

From the thread about vivalostwages being “bullied” by a student:

Frankly, I don’t care that you’re a teacher; my impression of you isn’t that you’re not a very good one, and it would be nice if you’d stop trying to make jabs in threads by telling other posters that they’d earn poor grades in your classes. All you’re really demonstrating is that your grading is influenced by whether or not someone agrees with your viewpoint.

What next, will financial analysts be able to say, “I’d give your life a junk-bond rating.”
Will film critics come in and say, “do you just have to live with such obvious plot-turns? Mega-plex pabulum at its worst.”
Sex advice columnists, “you’re posting leaves me less-fufilled than a 2 minute quickie with Karl Rove.”


Organization C

Content D-
(I mean you knew it was coming…)

Meh. There’s more than enough stupidity going around the boards at the moment. If he’s actually calling people out on it more power to him.

As a deli clerk, I give this a half pound of shaved processed turkey for content and three slices of yellow american for style.

As a farmer I give this a cow-pie for content, and a trip to the sheep dip for whatever. ('Cuz I like going to the sheep dip.)

Yes, we all know what you like.

Stir the boy up, and he’ll start grading posters in RED INK.

And we’ll be intimidated. :smiley:

Yep. This really nails it. mhendo doesn’t seem capable of understanding that when someone disagrees with her, it doesn’t automatically mean they are an idiot or simply not paying attention.

Actually, there is quite a bit of this going around the SDMB right now:

Poster A: The proposed law is good, and we should all vote for it.

Poster B: No it’s not. The law is bad.

Poster A: Yes, it is. The law is good because of reasons #1, #2, and #3.

Poster B: I ALREADY TOLD YOU! The law is bad. Are you stupid, or just not reading my posts? Go fuck yourself.

mhendo follows this pattern a lot. I feel very sorry for her students. It’s clear she has absolutely no tolerance for anyone who isn’t in complete agreement with her preconceived and often wrong ideas about how the world works.

Mhendo is a he, not a she (although he does have a taste for flowery shirts.)

As a securities analyst, I give this a Ba3 from Moodys and a B+ from S&P.

Seriously, mhendo’s a commie who’s wrong about just about anything but derisive grading of posts is perfectly appropriate Pit behaviour.

I thought otherwise. Sorry for the mistake.

As an exotic dancer, I give a…erm, never mind…

How you doin’? :wink:

As a programmer, I give this a C++.

As a network engineer I must say that there was a bit of signal attenuation close to the end, but over all I’d give it a


As a nurse-- I am not allowed to “grade” anyone. I would need to devise a care plan for mhendo

First we Assess the problem. Hmm, it appears that pt is an arrogant intellectual snob–mental health nursing!

Now, we make a Plan for mhendo --this involves calling doctors, writing orders, using well researched techniques to impact on the problem. I don’t have all my resources available (is there a doctor in the house?) so I will have to do just nursing interventions. Unfortunately for humor–none of these are snarky.

I hatfta listen to mhendo therapeutically, and allow her to “vent” and also provide her with at least one locus of control; I also need to set limits on her behavior–perhaps she would repsond well to a structured reward system(star chart)…

Then, we Implement said Plan. I take acetiminophen so that I can listen to her etc.

Finally, we Evaluate our Interventions–did the pt achive non-snobbish posting habits? did she get all the stars on her star chart? Well, if she did, she gets a pass to the mall on Saturday (or whatever reward we have mutually decided on)…

It’s not as fun as it looks.

As an attorney, I will require $1500 before commenting further.

Isn’t the nurse’s ultimate corrective tool the enema? I’ve heard that the saying is “high, hot and a hell of a lot.” Frankly, depending on who you ask, this could be hilarious.


As a Content Integration Developer, I’ll devise the best way to find, organize and report what everyone else thinks about mhendo, without actually giving my own opinion.


That is an old myth–perpetuated by get well cards the world over.
Sorry, but I get tired of the nurse=angel of mercy OR old battleaxe with enema/bedpan stereotypes.
But, maybe mhendo could benefit from a soap suds enema, at that!