MI5 - You Cheated

I, and others on this board, were so impressed that the series, MI5, had the balls last week and had a dynamic ending that killed off two semi-regular characters.

Suddenly, this week they give a quickie lame excuse and suddenly the characters are alive and well and all is well with the world again.


That ranks up there with the crappy Bobby Ewing coming out of the shower on Dallas saying the entire last season was a dream.

Sorry, but as far as I am concerned, the show has just lost its edge. It is nothing more than just another tired spy soap opera.

Too bad.

Last week’s show was the end of season 1, so there had to be a big cliffhanger. The two characters are alive and well? They’re both alive, but the notion that they are “well” is stretching it a bit thin.

It was a cheat.

They caught me because earlier episodes had shown me that they were fully capable of going with it. I’ll still watch because those earlier episodes knocked my socks off and the episode that set up the cheat had me guessing and feeling intense – can’t say that about many shows at all.

Not saying i wasn’t PO’ed about being cheated tho. Even if 37% fail …
eye roll

Ok it was a cheat. But not bad enough to make me lose faith in the series. Tom’s life still got ruined so its not all bad ;). Plus I spent half a day watching the MI-5 marathon and I’m not giving up now. There were some excellent episodes and there will be more.