Miami-Dade school board bans children's book on Cuba

The Miami-Dade School Board, overruling two review committees and the superintendent, has just voted to remove a book titled Vamos a Cuba or A Visit to Cuba from elementary school libraries. (They’re also going to ban every book in that particular series – descriptions of various countries, aimed at kindergarteners to second-graders). Critics argued the book (1) contained some factual inaccuracies and (2) presented too rosy a picture of Cuba.

Good decision? Bad?

If it does contain factual errors I see the point in removing it. Not really knowing the situation it’s hard to say if that is the real reason or not.

Though, this line made me laugh…

You can’t remove books because of content? So…they can only remove books because they don’t the typeface used? The color of the cover being wrong? Perhaps only books in their 4th printing.

What bothered me most is that they banned the whole series – as if to try to make it look like the decision is based only on the very few inaccuracies in the one book they looked at, and they aren’t bowing to Cuban-American political pressure.