MIA's Paper Planes

Please, someone, please, who has the album on which MIA’s Paper Planes is published, please tell me whether the song has lyrics after “all I want to do is” and “and.”

It does not have lyrics, I know, but every other person in the room with me right now disagrees.

Someone IRL is wrong.


I don’t have the album, but you could always try this.

I know. They already. Fucking. Saw that. :smack:

I don’t have the album, either, but listening to the song online, the repeated chorus is “All I want to do is [three gunshots] and [sound of cash register] and take your money.”

Already saw it. :smack:

Did you play them the actual song? If so, and they still don’t believe you, then they are morons and cannot be proven wrong.

So they do believe me now based on further argumentation.

However they wish to register with you the fact that the link you provided is not sufficient, since it’s not an official link to an official site–anyone could have put it up and called it “official” when it’s actually censored.


We watched that youtube video before I posted here. I didn’t have control of the laptop at the time and so saw only what they saw–that it was a video posted by an entity called “worldtown.”

Now that I’ve seen it for myself, I see that “worldtown” is the name under which M.I.A officially posts videos. So never mind my last post.

However the others in the room do wish to register the fact that “Well shit, how were we supposed to know it was the official site?”

No need to give the obvious answer. We’ve disengaged from this topic for now. :slight_smile:


It appears to be MIA’s actual account, but for backup, here’s her official MySpace page, which features the song on the playlist, as well as her official video site.

As for the allegation of censorship: although Wikipedia isn’t 100% accurate, based on the information they give and the links they back it up with, the version I posted is the uncensored version:

The version I linked to contains both gunshot noises and the word “weed.” Here is a Village Voice article commenting on M.I.A.'s anger at MTV’s censored version, which she calls “this fucked up mess with double-tracked bullshit mess.” And if you go to 1:14 in this clip, you can see her noticably confused when the pop-like noises from the censored version are played rather than the gunshot from the original.

ETA: Never mind.