Mice - these rodents deserve a cookie?

I just found this page of surveys, done of mice in the house and garage by a Rodent organization, the Rodent Center for Policy and Survey Research.

Especially telling are the main results of Poll 3. In summary, the majority of mice surveyed consider any thing cookie-like given by a human entity to be good, but no milk given by the humans with the cookie is not. Among other things, they also do not believe that, if a rodent cookie-distribution plan is established, that mice children should be taught not to demand the return of all the cookies. What that means to me is: Humans give them a cookie, they’ll still want some milk to go with it.

It’s easy to point fingers at that mouse in the corner and the Rodent authority and say that it’s all their fault. But as far as I can tell, this survey would seem to indicate that it’s a pervasive mouse attitude. Why would humans ever want to allow a mouse to share a cookie with them; a cookie which is almost guaranteed to lead the mouse to want milk?

You know, I’ve heard the awful stories about giving a
mouse a cookie and the aftermath that follows.

Have you heard about the horror that is happening with Moose and their demands for muffins? It’s too terrifying to discuss.