Michael Avenatti arrested for Felonny Domestic Violence

I’m surprised that there are no threads on this, especially since he’s a possible 2020 candidate and a #believeallwomen guy.

Did he do anything?
Who’s the victim?
What about Aventti’s saying he hasn’t done anything?


This is the last I read on it. I have no idea who the victim is supposed to be. With such incomplete information, I have no idea what actually happened or if he is guilty.

That said, I don’t like his personality (or at least his public persona) at all. He seems like blowhard and attention junkie and I really hope he doesn’t end up a serious contender in 2020. Despite different values, certain aspects of his personality are just too much like Trump’s for me to like this guy. His temperament doesn’t work for me.

There isn’t much in the way of evidence against Avanatti that’s been made public. It was originally announced (via TMZ) that the victim was his ex wife. But both of Avanatti’s exes stepped up and said that it wasn’t them and that they’d never known him to be violent.

Then Jacob Wohl, the dipshit who tried to frame Robert Mueller a few weeks ago, popped up and claimed that he was behind Avanatti’s arrest. Given how spectacularly Wohl failed in implicating Mueller, it’s reasonable to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Avanatti is saying on Twitter that “he’s coming for” Wohl , once this is all settled, which scared Wohl so bad that he filed a police report against Avanatti for threatening him.

Avanatti is due in court December 5. Probably nothing will happen until then.

I happily await the results of the full police investigation. If he’s found to have committed a crime, then lock him up. If he hasn’t, then we have a big nothingburger.
See how easy that is?

While I believe a Republican (potential) candidate could survive domestic violence allegations, I really don’t see a Democrat being able to. The damage is done, irrespective of the truth of the allegations.

I think you should just believe the accuser, who is presumably a woman. All women should be believed. Lock him up.

I don’t want Avenatti for president either, but the evidence all points to this being a setup, and I have found out in the meantime that TMZ is run by a big Dumpster supporter, so go figure.

I’d sure hate to be the woman whose abuser got away because they were wasting resources on a story like this.

Jacob Wohl is taking credit for the arrest. Avenatti is threatening him. Wohl claims he called the cops on Avenatti for threatening him.

Who’s the accuser?

He should be out of the question anyway due to his other legal issues with tax evasion.

I don’t think he was ever a real consideration as a Democratic candidate. Being a load mouthed camera hog might get you through a Republican primary. Democrats at least take some policy into consideration, he’s got nothing in that category.

We’ll see what the facts are eventually. I don’t really care one way or the other but with Wohl apparently involved, everything is suspect.

I don’t know if Avenatti is guilty of domestic violence but it’s far fetched to think Wohl actually had anything to do with it. When asked what he meant by his statement ‘Surefire Intel strikes again’ he backtracked to saying it was a joke. The Wohl connection doesn’t really plausibly exonerate Avenatti. The arrest could have been completely mistaken for some other reason, like any other case where all you know is that the police arrested somebody for something. Though if a betting person you have to figure the odds aren’t all that high.

Wohl is mentally challenged in some way; I suspect he is somewhere will into the autism spectrum. While he is good at looking like an idiot online, the idea he could actually pull off a real life criminal setup is preposterous. He couldn’t even pull off a phony website, and he’s a terrible liar prone to weird verbal repetition. He simply does not have the ability in the real world to accomplish such a thing.

Of course, leave it to Sam Stone to pull the “lock him up” card.

That’s what Republicans thought.

When Avenatti first showed up with Stormy Daniels, I though he was a tough, straight shooting guy. He seemed to be able to back up his claims, but when the Kavanaugh hearings were going on and he repped one of Kavanaugh’s accusers who turned out to be less believable I thought that was a tripping point. He seems to have gone from bad to worse with this deal. I will concede that Wohl being involved point to it all being a setup, but the latest is Avenattis firm being evicted from their tony digs due to not paying rent. THAT is scammy shit, and I’m beginning to suspect the guy is not the real deal. As far as his presidential ambitions are concerned, he’s just another on the long list of “you must be kidding” candidates my party seems to be generating.:smack:

No you don’t.

Yeah then they chose Reagan over Bush

Quite so.
I could easily see this as being a hit job.
I could just as easily see it being based on genuine spousal abuse, in which case, he should be tried and punished.

Regardless of the truth of the allegation, I’m pretty sure the trumpists will make good use of it.
If it does turn out to be a baseless accusation, I hope someone will do some investigation into whether people surrounding Trump had any connection to it.

Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!

Wait, you were talking about Trump, right? :slight_smile:

As for Avenatti, he was already arrested and charged with a crime because the woman was believed. Avenatti is out on bail.

Personally, I’m not an Avenatti fan. But I haven’t seen his policies yet, so I’m not sure if I’d be rooting for him or not.

While Avenatti claims he hasn’t actually been charged with anything yet, in regard to the bolded part, it’s worth noting that Avenatti himself apparently believes in the importance of taking such allegations seriously.

Per the article: