Michael Hill, knifed in the head: What about the perp?

The xray
Shortly, Michael Hill in Florida was visiting a neighbor/friend when someone plunged a hunting knife into his skull, practically down to the hilt.

Most Internet references just refer to an “unknown assailant.” In one tv doc, there was a passing reference that the assailant was currently in prison.

I’ve been unable to find any informaton on the attack, though, not so much as to who the person was, but what was the motive: Random attack? Drug deal gone bad? No info.



http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1356&dat=19991123&id=vs4UAAAAIBAJ&sjid=qAgEAAAAIBAJ&pg=5826,4097823 (News article say assailant was convicted and may have been after victim’s sister’s husband.)

Wow, sentenced to a whole year. :rolleyes: He should be doing hard time for attempted murder.

Thanks. And. . .

:eek: Guy buries a knife in a person’s skull practically to the hilt and gets a year!