Michael Jackson is Citizen Kane...

Has anyone else here noticed the similarities between Wacko Jacko and the character of Citizen Kane? The parallels prove just how psychologically brilliant and relevant that movie is.

Here are the parallels i have noticed:

-like Kane, Jacko was someone who was robbed of a full, healthy and normal childhood. Or, at least felt some desperate need to rediscover it.
-both men amassed absurd amounts of wealth at very young ages, for comparitively little work.
-both tend to be highly reclusive
-both live in elaborate estates replete with attractions, artworks, and zoos. Neverland ranch is the modern corollary of Kane’s Xanadu.
-both tend to be ridiculed by the public, or looked at with strange awe

Let me know what u guys think…

Very astute- I agree.

So what’s his “rosebud?” And I don’t mean the sled.

…after some thought I withdraw the question. Some things are too horrifying to know.

Plus we will never know what ‘rosebud’ means to Michael.

Many of the gay people call the anus a rosebud. I don’t want to think about what MJ thinks is a rosebud.



Perhaps we should add “chimp felcher” to the list of SDMB epithets.

I think he’s Norma Desmond:

• Both live in creepy mansions surrounded by synchophants
• Both think they still are big
• Both harass studio execs who won’t give them their way
• Both have pet chimps
• Michaal Jackson is bound to wind up with a dead guy in his pool

[Michael Jackson’s dying breath]
Chocolate starfish.
[/Michael Jackson’s dying breath]

Eve, do you mean “with” or “as”?


Bubbles…of course. Why did my brain tell me his chimp’s name was Bobo?

Interesting premise. It’s been a while since I saw the film, but I seem to remember a pleasant glimpse of his childhood. That is why I thought his dying word was Rosebud – the one thing that had not hurt him.

Am I mistaken?

He’s also Howard Hughes.

Michael Jackson: He’s a dessert topping and a floor wax!

Because you’re thinking of the Simpsons takeoff of Citizen Kane in which Mr. Burns’ version of Rosebud was Bobo the teddy bear?

Popular legend has it that rosebud was his pet name for the naughty bits of his main squeeze Marian Davies.

“Marion” Davies, and that rumor was invented by Orson Welles–who later apologized.

I can not believe this because Charles Foster Kane had ambition and liked girls.

I like Eve’s interpretation – where’s Jack Webb when you need him?