Michael Jackson's voice: natural?

Is his high speaking voice just something that naturally happened? Or can a person’s adult voice be affected by singing or strain during puberty or before? Or some other factors?

How about the Bee Gees? I remember one DJ remarking (at the height of their fame) that they sounded as if someone hit them with a 2 X 4 just before they went onstage.

Or Frankie Valli. Or lots of other high-pitched singers.

I was more thinking of Jackson’s speaking voice than his singing voice. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the Bee Gees speak, and I don’t recall their voices being particularly high.

I was mainly speculating if excessive singing before or during puberty can affect the development of the adult voice, which I now wonder might be a question better suited for a general GQ thread.

I saw a VH1 documentary on Michael, and one of his friends said that he has a regular deeper voice that he uses in real life. The high pitched one that he uses is just for show.

Isn’t it just a matter of using one’s falsetto voice?

(Personally, I find that much more straining on my vocal cords, so I talk with a pretty low register.)

You mean you think he uses a falsetto when speaking, or do you mean his falsetto singing altering his speaking voice?

Didn’t you see the Simnpson’s episode with Michael Jackson? His real speaking voice is…
…here. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use the word “natural” to describe **anything **about Michael Jackson.

He lowers his voice a few octaves in public – otherwise, only dogs can hear him.

Like LaToya?

He’s faking it. It’s to make him seem youthful, I reckon, and so he still has a comparable singing voice to when he was a kid.

If you listen to him speaking on television when he was a kid, his voice sounds much more natural, and often, a bit deeper than it does now.

Maybe he has been neutered? Oh wait, I seem to recall in Anne Rice’s novel on Castratos, not all of them kept their high singing voices after they got past a certain age.

Similarly, I once saw or read an interview with Lisa Marie Presley where she made a comment along the lines of, “You know, Michael, you really should let everyone see you sitting around like you do on Sundays, watching football and drinking beer in your jockies, with your regular voice.”

Please, dear God, NO!

Would’ve saved him a lot of legal trouble.

Yeah, but that was when he was still a human being.

His sister LaToya has a pretty high voice, and last night Tito was on Larry King (my DAD was watching it, not me. I swear!) and his voice is kinda high too.

I am not surprised if he puts on extra falsetto for show, but seems like it’s partially genetic.

Thanks a lot for that image. Now I need to wash out my brain with bleach.

Janet has a high pitched voice also.

Didn’t he say he got his first (well he says only…but yeah) nose job so he could hit higher notes?