Michael Keaton calls on Donald Trump to resign

He says it would be “very patriotic.”

And believe me, you don’t wanna cross Beetlejuice!

or Batman

Or Mr. Mom.

Or Birdman.

Or Jack Frost.

And we all know how big of a patriot Trump is.

In my book Trump already succeeded on this count. On election night 2016, around 830 PM CST, when things looked a lot closer than I was expecting, I decided some distraction from CNN was in order. I popped in my DVD of Beetlejuice thinking things would be close, but in Clinton’s favor, by the time the movie was over. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out that way.

ETA. That day is seared in my memory. Other than my wedding day, it’s the only day in past memory I can describe in detail. I remember where I had dinner, what I ate, what I was doing that day, where I watched the election results, etc.

If all it takes to get trump out of the Whitehouse is for Michael Keaton to ask, you have to wonder why Mr Keaton didn’t ask way sooner.

Or Johnny Dangerously.

“My first ex-wife told called on me to resign once…ONCE.”

Joe Piscopo.

One of the most ridiculous, and aggravating, side effects of the Trump presidency - a minor one, in the final analysis, but still aggravating - is the constant stream of people “calling for” [whoever] to resign. Do these people actually believe themselves? Has anyone, in history, ever resigned because someone “called for them” to resign? I see it over and over again on Facebook: people posting petitions, or statements from influential people, “calling for to resign.” being not only Trump himself but also innumerable figures within his administration. Does ANYONE really believe that “calling for to resign” has any meaning whatsoever?


Hey, ya never know. It worked with Nixon.

Why just this week in Canada, the opposition Conservatives called on the Finance Minister to resign. And he did.

(Of course they also called for the PrimeMinister to resign. However that did NOT happen!)

That’s different than being asked by a movie actor to resign.

Lighten up, everybody. I posted this because I thought it was amusing that an actor who played both Beetlejuice and Batman was calling on Trump to resign. He’ll either hurt you or put a curse on you if you go against him.

Or swoop down and steal your stuff.

I hereby call on Donald Trump to resign.

[waits for media to breathlessly report this]

Loathe him as I do, I actually wouldn’t want Trump to resign right now. President Pence would be a stronger candidate for the GOP in November than him.

As Michael Keaton likes to say “Don’t go chasing waterfalls”.