Michael McKintyre could be my new favourite comedian.

If he carries on like this…




I’d never heard of him before, until I saw him on “Would I Lie To You?”

He’s the bloke who drove a car that could only turn left. For 10 days. Such a cutie, no one believed him :slight_smile:

I was quite surprised when it turned out to be true. It was funny when someone made the joke about the repair van that could only turn right.

And it was quite funny when one contestant got a little pissy and serious explaining how a car that can only turn left might go about achieving right.

If you think he’s funny, two words for ya: Frankie Boyle.

I’m conflicted about him. He’s by far the worst for sensitive subjects but he’s also extremely funny about sixty percent of the time. He’s someone you’d never want to watch with your Gran.

Well, duh! He says it like it is.

“Do you remember years ago, when they were making Braveheart, everyone said “Oh it’s ridiculous, Mel Gibson playing a Scottish guy, that’s not going to be very convincing…” and look at him now, an alcoholic racist”

Michael McKintyre always has a victimised anxiety in his voice.

One of my favourite comedians, when he’s on one of his sarcastic rants, is David Mitchell. His other stuff he does with Robert Webb can be good, but when he does a solo rant, it’s a great laugh. Though maybe it’s because I usually agree with whatever he’s raging against.