Michael Moore is a liar after all

If you include doctoring newspaper headlines depicted in F911, which I do.


So what else in the film has been fabricated?

That’s the best you can do? Hardly makes him liar of the century, does it?

And aren’t we about seventy years late for the Moore-bashing threads, anyway?

No no, he is not lying, he is twisting, distorting and stretching the truth untill it gets really thin and stretchy and you can see through it but when you let go it just doesn’t fall back to the way it once was so you go to the store to try to take it back but the guy says that you were using the truth outside of the manufacturers intended purpose so now the waranty is void so you have to take it home but you don’t want to get rid of it cause you really liked that truth and keep thinking that you will have some use for it later on so it just sits on a shelf untill your mom puts it in the trash while you are at camp.

I hate that.

What else in the film has been fabricated? All of it. Gore actually won, and is president now. On Sept 11, the hijackers missed their flights, and nobody died. We didn’t invade Iraq; we invaded Belgium. John Ashcroft isn’t AG, but a fundamentalist preacher trying to start a new sect of Puritans.

So now the emphasis has shifted from whether or not he’s a liar to how much a liar he is compared to other liars of the century? Hey, that’s good news for my side! Glad to see you coming around. :smiley:

It doesn’t make him liar of the century, but it does make him a liar.

Frankly, if Moore did fabricate an image and present it has factual, then all of his credibility has a documentarian is shot, IMO.

Exactly! This is the problem with dishonesty. If you can’t believe everything someone says, you can’t necessarily believe anything they say.

Question: which edition of the newspaper are you using, mil, for your cite? And is it the same or different than the one Moore used for the film? Newspapers do deliver different editions of a certain day’s newspaper, with different headlines and bylines to the same articles.

Wow, I guess Moore’s point about the election being contested was completely off-base. Glad to have that cleared up; I guess I hallucinated all that rigamarole back in 2000. Or maybe the liberal media made it up.


That was poetic. Really. I have to save that somewhere.

I am heartened by such public statements as offered here by milroyj and Starv, affirming once again their unswerving devotion to complete and total candor, and their adamant refusal to tolerate even the most meager mendacity. I am assured, without even posing the question that this stern rigor applies equally to our nations leaders, no ifs ands or Bush…buts. No ifs ands or buts.

Sorry, schadenfruedian slip…

Perhaps now that the issue of Mr. Moores towering mendacity is settled, we might move on to issues of larger moment, such as the truthfulness and veracity of people not only empowered to bore us, but to get us killed.

Do let me know when the victory dance is over, so we can take it up.

F911 isn’t too bad, it’s “Bowling for Columbine” that is really full of shit. I won’t see F911 mainly because of that, and also MM really had no moral right to rip off his title.

So you know F911 isn’t bad, but haven’t seen it? :rolleyes:

I also have yet to see a proper ‘donkey show’, but I feel safe in judging them as ‘bad’. YMMV.

Oh please, do us the favor of reading the link, as well as the portion I quoted in the OP. F911 portrayed an opinion from the Dec 5, 2001 edition as an actual fact from the Dec 19, 2001 edition. He also changed fonts and typefaces. He’s a stone cold liar.

What else has been fabricated in the creation of F911?

Moore actually helped Saddam smuggle his WMD’s out of Iraq in order to make the president look like a liar. Check Moore’s basement. It’s all there!

We all know who that is.

The paper didn, 't call him a liar. That’s your word. They called it misleading.

What do you call someone who fabricates an image and presents it has a real one, Reeder? Does your answer change depending on who they vote for?

Yeah, what Metacom said. He lifted the quote from another issue of the paper, from the opinion section and not the news section, and changed the font/typeface to make it look like a headline. That is not a mistake, nor an omission, but a deliberate lie.