Michael Phelps congratulations thread

I just want to start a separate thead to give full props to Phelps and to thank him for for making the Olympics fun to watch. I didn’t think I’d have any interest in the Beijing Olympics, but Phelps made me want to watch and cheer for the first time in a long time. His hair’sbreadth victory over Cavic was as thrilling a moment as you’re ever going to see, his medal haul is spectacular and he seems like a nice, humble kid to boot, always quick to try to spread the glory to his teammates and not be a prima donna.

Also, he made me appreciate the nuances of swimming as a sport. I wasn’t just watching to see if he would win, I actually began to become interested in and appreciate the technique, the strategy and the aesthetic of the sport in a way never had before.

Michael Phelps, you rock, sir. Thanks for the lift and thanks for making me feel some US pride.

I doubt this kid is going to have any trouble getting dates when he gets back to the states.

I’ll second that. We let our Olympics-mad son stay up extra late last night to watch Phelps and his teammates win. Thanks, MP! You’ve done us proud.

You’re just hoping he’ll find this board and come to enjoy it so much that he endows a hundred grand to update the servers! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard not to like a guy who, after becoming the most successful Olympian in history, says he is just looking forward to getting home to play with his dog.

He really inspires me. He just sort of lives in his own little world where he’s constantly trying to improve himself. He deliberately seeks out things he’s not naturally good at, and works on them. I’m not a swimmer, but his take on life can pretty much be applied to anything. If he can take gold in his worst events, I can take on challenges too. His spirit and his humility are really something.

I agree. He really made the first week of the Olympics one of the best I’ve ever seen(I’m an American).

He really seems like an average guy, personality wise. I’m glad he’s not some cocky guy who gets too big a head.