Michael Rivero = Professional Assclown

To quote him on his site ( http://www.whatreallyhappened.com )

“Dictatorships, afraid of their own people, always ban guns. Hitler banned personal guns, for example. Britain has banned guns. The US has strict gun limits, especially on military style weapons. Yes, those nations all have elections, but since those elections are usually rigged, this does not qualify them to be democracies. The ultimate litmus test of whether a society is a dictatorship or free lies in the access to weapons by the general populace. The people of Iraq have the right to purchase weapons that you or I as US citizens are not allowed to have. Therefore, our government is much more afraid of We The People than Saddam is afraid of the Iraqi people.”

Let’s see…

In US, you can protest against the war and gov’t policies
In Iraq, if you protest, you and your family will be killed

In the US, You can vote for two parties (no matter how similar they may be)
In Iraq, you don’t vote at all, the Baaths rule.

In the US, the President was elected in a legal way (majority of the electoral college)
In Iraq, Saddam got 100% of the vote.


In the US, you can’t carry a huge AK47 around.

But, if you believe the hype, Iraqis can.

Which, means the US Government has more to fear from it’s citizens than Saddam Hussein does.


More gems from Rivero.

“People don’t hate Israel. They hate what Israel DOES. People do not hate Jews. They hate what certain Jewish individuals do while using all other Jews as their shields. The Jewish people need to look back at the long history of Jewish persecutions and expulsions throughout recorded history back to the time of Carthage and recognize that it is the Jewish leaders’ highly racist “G-d’s chosen people” behavior towards non-Jews that is the cause of all the resentment.”- MR

“This is nothing new. Ambitious individuals within the Jewish culture have played this same game for thousands of years, committing crimes and justifying them with the Talmud, then hiding behind their friends and neighbors by claiming criticism of the crime is criticism of the entire people. Eventually the frustration of the people against whom the crimes are being committed reaches a breaking point, and the entire Jewish people” - MR

‘Also, when the Jewish actress Winoda Ryder, was having her legal problems related to shoplifting a large amount of clothing from a store, Rivero made it it a point to point out that her real last name was “Horowitz”, which is a Jewish name.’

“Sharon got a 90 minute warning, Blair only 20.” - MR

from WRH:


This is a good recap of other stuff

and Rivero links to Skrewdriver.net (neo-Nazi anti-semitic site), and he links to stuff such as this

“Repost from last December: Israeli agents accused of creating fake al-Qaeda cell. Just in case there is another “Al Qaeda” terrorist attack to get the war going” (his source: The Palestinean Authority)

How about this? (Rivero linked it, and he’s also made some bookdeals with the people behind this site)


(MR in inaction)

But, he’s just an Anti-Zionist! :dubious:

Is this someone we should be concerned about? (Not that you can’t have a rant over anyone you please, but I have already hit my Nutcases To Watch Out For limit for the month of March and it’s a bit early to start taking names for April.)

Likewise I’m sure …