Michael Savage: Act or Serious?

Our city’s talk station recently picked up “The Savage Nation,” which as best as I can tell from 2-3 listens is sort of a Limbaugh-esque verbal diarrhea, only with a much more psychotic edge and without the parodies/attempt at entertainment.

The first time I heard Savage, the thought occurred to me that the whole show is a Phil Hendrie-esque act; I noted that Savage came out of SF and figured no one that right wing could be so highly rated there. I’ve listened to him a couple more times, and I’m guessing now that he’s quite serious about his uber-conservativism, really does favor internment of Arab-Americans, etc. Now he’s got a show on MSNBC and he’s syndicated on 350 stations, so I guess he’s the Next Big Thing.

So, my questions are: Is he for real or an act? (I guess for real.) Is his success stable? Is he going to be calling liberals “pukes” a decade from now? What does his success mean for the future of western civilization?

Oh, and I forgot to ask: What do the conservatives here think of him?

(If this is more of an IMHO thread, I understand…)

You might want to check out this thread over in the Pit.

This article today in Salon may help shed some light.

Yeah, those do shed some light on him. I hadn’t heard of him until about a month ago.

Should have checked a little more around this board to see if he’s been discussed. Apparently, he has been quite a bit. :smack:

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