Michael Strahan: "Waaaaahhh!!!"

Michael Strahan hasn’t shown up for training camp yet because he’s not sure if he wants to continue playing football. On Monday he talked to the coach, who told him they were going to proceed as if he wasn’t coming and that until he decides, they were going to fine him for every day he missed. In an article I read yesterday, they said that if he decides to retire they will not fine him.

A “source close to Michael Strahan” :rolleyes: says that he’s really hurt by this.

Look, the NFL is a business. What if you can’t make up your mind for two or three weeks? Are they supposed to just keep going without their starting defensive end? If you do decide to come back at that point, you’ve missed most of training camp. That isn’t helping the team. Besides, you’ve had the whole off-season to think about this.

Just retire already. We all know that’s where it’s going. Just get it over with and let the organization move on. And quit your bitching, you big baby.

Well, as a Redskins fan, I fully support his decision to hold out. :slight_smile: I can only hope that if/when he does report to camp that he inadvertantly injures Eli Manning and/or one of the Giants offensive linemen. Or that the Giants release him and Lil Danny open his wallet and gives him a reason to stay in the division.

Maybe he just wants to miss two-a-days. No one likes those.

I don’t know whether or not to believe the accusations of gayness cast at Strahan a few years ago (not that they matter), but I will say that he has to be the most effeminate acting and sounding tough guy since Mike Tyson. Because of this, the title of the thread made me laugh.

Sounds like in Strahan’s mind, it’s all about him. Every day he misses training camp is a day he hurts his team, who are unable to practice and reach their full potential without him. Being there is his duty to the team as well as his profession, and he shouldn’t be paid in absentia. The fines are probably the legal right of the team based on the contract he signed, so I got no sympathy for him at all.

I suppose what he wanted to hear was, “Oh my paws and whiskers, we cannot do without this extremely valuable player, let us throw money at him so he does not retire.”

Instead he got, “Don’t the door hit you in the ass.” Of course his feelings are hurt. But so what?

Especially Tom Coughlin two-a-days, who has had may complaints about his training camp regimen.

Look he’s 35, and doesn’t want to spend a training camp doing same shit different day. Can’t say as I blame him.

No, sure. But if it turns out that he doesn’t have the leverage he thinks he has, and can’t force the team to give him a bigger paycheck and/or a get-out-of-camp free card, I’m not exactly going to feel sorry for him.

According to the article, Strahan’s contract for the year would pay him $4,000,000, and the team is fining him $14,288 per day, which works out to 1/280 of his salary. Sounds like the team is just withholding the pay for every day he misses. And if he retires, presumably the contract is terminated, so there’d be nothing to withhold.

A poorly written article, but apart from that, no big deal.

Or two or three years, like Strahan’s good friend Brett Favre? :wink: Strahan didn’t rock anybody’s world last year, as far as I can tell, so why should they wait around?

Now the Giants are making it clear that they won’t renegotiate his contract to get him to show up.